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We all have to remember why we do what we do. I recently was asked at uni what it was that got me into my degree – sports therapy. This was one of those talks where the teacher was trying to motivate students in a time when a lot of people start dropping out and it occurred to me that this type of question can be helpful in every part of our lives.  In this blog, I thought I would tell you a little bit about what got me in to CrossFit… and sports therapy – because to me – they are one and the same.

First Off

Why bother looking at why we do something?
In order to know where you’re going we need to know where you have come from. So here are three basic things you can do as athletes (or in fact in any part of your life). For the purpose of this blog I’ll keep it specific to CrossFit.

1) What is it that got you in to CrossFit?

2) Why do you enjoy CrossFit/what made you stay?

And Most importantly

3) Where are you going with CrossFit?

What Got me in to CrossFit and why did I stay?

The answer to the first question is quite simply boredom. I left school and had no organised way of expending my energy, and CrossFit seemed like a cool idea so I gave it a go. However, the second question is far more interesting.

What kept me, or hooked me, was one man. And his name is Kelly Starret. For those of you who don’t know who Kelly is, he is basically a CrossFit Physical Therapist who founded one of the first crossfit gyms in the world (Crossfit San Francisco) and founder of the website This man knows his shit when it comes to the human body and his presentation on the subject has really intrigued me, especially as everything on his website is free. He enabled me to focused my ambition in CrossFit and more importantly in human movement.

As you probably all know, I am a fiend for good mechanics and movement and this man taught me a lot of what I know. CrossFit can be technically very difficult, requiring multiple skills and movements and as I spent more time in the sport I hit up against more and more technical road blocks. I turned to Kelly a lot as his ability to break a movement down and then build it back up enabled a lot of self-teaching and I quickly jumped through technical hurdles. As I continued I became more fascinated with how the body is able to change and adapt, especially how to get the best out of it. From that point on I have become obsessed with understanding the human body and how to get the most out of it.

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Where am I going now?

Obviously that inspiration has brought me to Perpetua and also to my choice in university degree. My path through university is clear. For me I love coaching and helping others with new ways to make them better than they thought they could be and my degree is only making me better at that. But what about my own CrossFit training? Why do I train now – I move well, where do I go from here? Recently I have found that I need to start pushing my physical capacity because less and less gains are coming from movement correction and I am now in need of more ‘Fitnessing’ to quote Mike Blevins.

What that entails is up to me but I guess what this post was for is to give you some back ground and understand as to why I do what I do. As we start to head into the dark of winter with the cold mornings and bleak evenings, perhaps this is a good time for us all to think about our gymspirations to pump us through the instinct of hibernation. If you can understand why you do what you do, then maybe this will help you discover what you are going to do next.

Love what you do, always improve and always progress.

Coach Baz

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