Help! Reforming is stressing me out!!

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Help! Reforming is stressing me out!!

Ok let’s talk paleo…..I have been listening to people talking about this in the gym and I want to get a few things cleared up. It seems like many of you are wigging out, stressing too much about everything you can’t eat. This challenge was about trying to adjust peoples’ diets and try to show them the nutritional value in eating certain food groups as well as understand what exactly you are consuming day in and day out. If you know the gold standard for what you should be eating each day, it would be then up to you as grown-ups to set your bar as close as possible to the mark.

Yes this way of eating may be a dramatic change for some of you but it should not be stressing you out to the point of insanity. A few simple tips:

  • Stop thinking about all the stuff you cannot eat and start focusing on the foods available to you!
  • Get creative!!! Paleo is NOT a chicken/broccoli/coconut oil diet! Get the finger out and start experimenting not only with eating a wider variety of stuff but also with the actual cooking methods!
  • Do not starve! If you are hungry all the time EAT! It is super hard to over-eat, in fact I am yet to find a chronically obese paleo overeater. It may seem like you are eating a tonne of food but I guarantee in many cases you are in fact still not getting enough.

If eating 100% paleo is genuinely overwhelming, then maybe you need to make this transition a more gradual process. We have pointed out many of the inflammatory food groups to the body like sugar, grains, legumes, dairy, alcohol. If you consume all of the above mentioned regularly if not day to day, then why not try to remove just one item or group every month and take it slow. Don’t look at it as a 30 day quick fix or a way to drop the pounds, but instead focus on the long term. Reform slowly, take baby steps.

Some of the greatest paleo converts in the gym have made the transition in periods ranging up to 1.5 years. Think about how long you have been eating these foods to begin with. It’s not going to change overnight. You have to rewire your mind-set to eat a different way, to find new energy sources etc.

On the positive side, I was speaking to Dave Price yesterday and he was telling me he is five weeks strict paleo to date  along with the pure pharma supplements and has found a noticeable change in the recovery of a rotator problem he was having with his shoulder. He has seen a gains in his training and all his lifts. So if there are any more of you out there with some great success stories, please send them to us by mail or let us know in classes, it’s always good to hear some positive feedback.

So if you have come this far 100%, a huge congratulations. If not, always remember 80/20 or even 50/50 is better than 0% paleo.

Next Tuesday and Thursday we will be blogging some of your experiences of the ‘Reform to Perform’….good and bad.

Love always


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