Hey Desk Athlete, Don’t Let Sitting Affect Your Performance by Conor Hillick

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Sitting, we do it throughout our school life from the age of 4, through to 18 or older if we attend University. We sit for even longer periods when we begin our working life for 8-9 hours Monday to Friday and probably sit down when we go home as well. It’s very hard to not have to sit down but unfortunately all of this sitting is not great for our health and definitely does not benefit our athletic performance.

Since I have started having to do some work in an office I’ve noticed my hips have gotten a lot tighter. Those hours of sitting down really accumulate, closing off the hips and leaving the glute inactive. Do you ever stand up in work, bum feels numb, hips feel tight? Almost hard to stand up with good posture? Bring those tight hips and inactive glutes into CrossFit or even just everyday life and tasks become very difficult.

Whether you come to CrossFit to keep fit, have fun or compete, we all have the same aim of bettering ourselves in performance and overall wellbeing. If our hips are tight and glutes are inactive for long periods of time, then we have poor posture which can lead to knee problems (from tight IT band), back weakness and pain or even neck pain (also from those hours slouched at a desk).

We have to find a solution to improve our hip mobility, and keep our glutes firing throughout the day. The best way to do this is always through prehab (prevention) rather than rehab (rehabiliting). Unfortunately we can’t fully prevent sitting but we can minimise it. Build a short mobility/exercise routine into your work schedule where you can take a few minutes to stretch out your hips and activate your glutes. Every 30-45 minutes pick an exercise from some of the examples below, including getting up off your chair and taking a short walk around the office.

Hip/Glute Mobility & Exercises


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