How sugar can impact your sleep…

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How sugar can impact your sleep…

Sleep is one of the single most important factors in both mental and physical recovery and could be the key to unlocking and improving performance.

How you sleep impacts hugely on your appetite and the foods you choose.

After a good nights sleep your body is happy with and craves clean and lean food : Good quality protein, dark green vegetables, oily fish, nuts, seeds, oils and berries.

After a night of poor, broken or not enough sleep, your body becomes hungrier and craves sugar, fat and caffeine.
Why? Because these quickly (albeit briefly) prop up your energy levels. This is why you will crave McDonalds breakfast or a full English fry up when you have a hangover…

Most of us admittedly struggle to achieve the optimal amount of quality sleep. (8 hours) This could be attributed to multiple reasons however one of the biggest sleep vampires of all is…. Sugar.

We know we will never be clean and lean if we continue to eat sugar, it is a terrible fattening toxin that makes you fat and wrinkly. But it also makes you sleep deprived because as we’ve seen, it makes your blood-sugar levels rise too rapidly. It also causes you to wake up hungry for more sugar and other fattening foods.

When your tired for whatever reason the temptation is to ’eat yourself awake’ and sugar nearly always is the first thing you reach for.
You know that time in the night an hour so before bed and you are thinking “Geez, I’m a little bit hungry, ill just have a snack” this is your body trying to eat/keep you awake, go to bed “a little hungry” and you will have a decent, deeper nights sleep with a little less guilt and hopefully over time a few inches less around the middle…..

Here are some Take home tips

Increase: + Nuts + Vegetables + Fish + Eggs

Decrease / Avoid: + White refined sugar + Alcohol (basically all sugar) + White non organic pasta, bread and rice + Cakes, sweets, biscuits, treats.. + Low fat foods like diet yoghurt, processed cereals and energy drinks + Processed foods + Anything with an ingredient ending in ’ose’ (sucrose, glucose, maltose, lactose, dextrose and fructose) these are all basically the same word for sugar.

If you visit the grocery store regularly and keep your shopping cart to the border of the stores (the fridges and fresh produce) you know it will be fresh (it will have a short expiry date) and avoid the middle of the store (in boxes or packages – that will last a year!!) you will be off to a pretty good start.

For more information on nutrition please ask your coach
Or speak to the boys at Evolve for a simple easy and effective diet plan
(It’s what the coaches use, so you know it’s good….)


Keep up the the good WORK


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