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Phase 1
CFD Total
CrossFit Total reflects the level of functional strength
You get 3 attempts each at Over Head  squat, the Press and the Deadlift, with the objective being to lift the heaviest weight you are capable of in each category for a single rep. You are scored on your “total” – the addition of your three best attempts in each lift.


Overhead squat: The load is taken from rack, any way and hight the athlete wishes. The squats must be below parallel. The load must be controlled in the top position.

Deadlift:The lifter assumes a position facing the bar, with the bar parallel to the lifter’s frontal plane,The bar is gripped with both hands, and pulled with one continuous uninterrupted movement until the lifter is standing erect with knees and hips fully extended, the chest up and shoulders back.

Press:The bar is pressed overhead until the elbows are completely extended, with the bar in a position directly above the ears.

Phase 2
Ten Minute Capacity Test
Perform the following movements, in order, for max reps (or calories), resting exactly 60 seconds between each station:
– 4 Minute Row (for Calories)
– 3 Minutes of Pull-Ups
– 2 Minutes of Bodyweight Back Squat (3/4 BWT for females)
– 1 Minute of 60/40kg. Push Press or Jerk

Example – The athlete  rows 86 calories, performs 82 pull-ups, 41 back squats, and 19 overhead presses. Athlete  will earn a total score of 228 points (86+82+41+19) for Phase 2 of the Challenge.

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