Injury is an Opportunity to Level Up your Body

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Many of us have experienced an injury at some point. It may not have been serious, perhaps an annoyance that has caused training to grind to a halt for a short period of time. However, what if that could be used as an opportunity to level up your body and slowly get back on track to becoming the super human stud that you deserve to be?

“Pain above all else is a ‘danger’ signal. It is a sign that the body deems a certain movement unsafe.”

The old school approach to training was “no pain, no gain”. Old school is not always simple and effective, it can be out dated. I still see personal trainers and fitness “experts” everywhere touting this uninformative cliché.

I do not however believe that all these trainers and self proclaimed fitness experts are wrong, they are simply misinformed about the definition of pain. By all means, put yourself through discomfort, almost suffering if you like. But learn the difference between the discomfort of a max effort assault bike, and the pain of an impingement/torn ligament/overactive muscle.

On the topic of pain not being normal, we have to understand that each individual is different, you are all individuals with different hip structures and knee structures. As a result a lot of the time, when pain is present, the most stable position is often the one in which the pain is the least. In other words, if it hurts, do not go to that position.


If your face looks like the photo above during anything other than a 90%+ lift you are more than likely forcing yourself into a position whereby you are compromising biomechanics and doing potentially irreparable damage to your body.  

If your coach’s face looks anything like the below image, cease all activity immediately and request clarification.


Injury can often be a result of lack of exposure to proper movement, overuse, or repeated movement with faulty mechanics, and most likely, a combination of both. A lot of you guys will unfortunately be confined to a desk, such is the demand of the current working life of many individuals. The below left image is a lot of our default postures (I too am guilty) when sitting at a computer.


So rather than preaching how everyone in the world nowadays has terrible posture, try each week to incorporate one of the following corrections into your routine and eventually this will become a habit.


There are many ways to counter these positions and often a simple 30 minutes or hour with your coach can unlock your body’s potential. I tend to assess my clients from the bottom up, start at the ankles and work your way up from there.

If you know you need help with the above, do not hesitate to ask your coach questions before, during or after class.

Big Perpetua love and hope you all had a great Christmas.

– Coach Mike

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