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As you know – The Clique Clinic offers sports, injury and rehabilitation services out of our Battersea location. Nicky needed an extra pair of hands to help with sports massage, so along came the lovely Jenna. This girl is very skilled!Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 09.59.17

Here’s a few words from Jenna about herself:

I have always been into sport from a young age, playing roller hockey, cricket, soccer, touch football and that continued into my adulthood and then I discovered the world of CrossFit back home in Australia (CrossFit Desire). I fell in love with the Olympic lifts (Snatch, Clean&Jerk), gymnastics and got more into health and fitness and getting stronger. When I think back to my first CrossFit session. I can remember it well as we had strict press in the WOD and I couldn’t press the 15kg bar. It was hard but from that day forward it I was hooked and wanted to learn more about which muscles you use to create movement & better my technique to perform at my best. I was training there for about 8 months when I decided to move to London to go on an adventure and to see what the UK offers.

Once I found myself a new CrossFit Box, that’s when I looked into learning about giving myself muscle care and my interest was in Sports Massage to help myself and others. I qualified as a Clinical Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist in November 2015 from the School of Natural Therapies with the highest level diploma.

Despite its name – Sports Massage is for both sports persons and non sports persons alike. It works on improving the quality of the soft tissues within the body. The blood supply is increased, releasing tension, flushing through lactic acid and realigning scar tissue which is beneficial for high intensity activity. It helps to reduce imbalances built up through training and everyday activities, allowing patients greater freedom of movement and consequently, better quality of life. I have been actively competing in endurance events for over 10 years and have used sports massage as part of my of my training programme. As a competitor myself, I really understand how athletes feel when they are injured and how important sports massage is and the enormous benefits both physically and psychologically for you to get back to your training and ideally compete consistently injury free.

You get told to be active, exercise, play sport, eat healthy but what they don’t tell you is the importance of muscle maintenance, stretching, mobility and recovery/sleep.

I am excited and looking forward to increase my knowledge with more courses over the next year to include these in my treatments and give clients the best I can offer.

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