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To begin answering this question, we first need to understand YOUR ‘why?’ Why is training helpful or important to you? Think hard about it. If a lot of your answers start with ‘So-and So said I should’ or ‘Because that’s what other people are doing’ then this is not YOUR why, it’s THEIR why. Why is this important? Well it could be a big reason behind why you are unable to stay with a particular training regime. Perhaps stopping you from reaching the goals you think you should be aiming for. This is considered external motivation and is nowhere near as powerful as internal motivation. What’s the difference you ask? Internal motivation is YOUR why, provided by you and can be constantly evolving. It could be that you truly do want to achieve a pull up, or you want to look good naked or wanting to be more energized so you can be more productive in work, with family and enjoy life more.

You shouldn’t force yourself, or think you have to have a physical goal inside the gym as your motivation to attend. For any problem you might have, I would be confident that we at CrossFit Perpetua have a solution for you.

The obvious problems that people associate working with us: ‘I want to lose weight (which we could have a long conversation about the why behind this) ‘I want to be able to do 5 pull ups’ ‘I have a 5km charity race to prepare for’

The not-so-obvious problems to start working with us: ‘I need more energy at work’ ‘I can’t sleep properly’ ‘I work shifts and I struggle with the routine’ ‘I lack drive and motivation’ ‘I have back pain (or any other type of pain for that matter).’

Are all the solutions to turn up to class every week and train hard? No! There are many other services that CrossFit Perpetua offer that can help you solve and achieve a variety of goals. This all falls under our Coach For Life mentality, where each of our clients is assigned to a coach who will work directly with them. Once we’ve discovered YOUR why then we can really show you what solutions we have to offer. What we offer includes Personal Training, CrossFit, Nutritional Advice, Olympic Lifting, Programme Design, Yoga, Life Coaching.

The likelihood that we can help is high, so even if you’re unsure please get in touch and talk with one of our experienced coaches.

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