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As the coach of the weekly Olympic Weightlifting classes, I often get quizzed on the make up of the class, what we actually focus on and importantly can anyone attend. So, in this week’s blog I am going to take the opportunity to run you through a break down of what we actually do and hopefully answer any FAQ’s or erase any doubt that may be stopping you from joining.

The first thing worth talking about is the class structure and what that means for you. As one of the main attractions of CrossFit, is how accessible it is to anyone of any ability, such is the nature of the Oly classes. As you know at Perpetua – we are even steps ahead of that with our programming, offering a base or peak option to best suit your training needs. At Oly class this is no different, you will have the option to decide which program (Base or Peak) best suits you, in the movement of the week. Base generally being kept quite light, to focus on technique and repetition, where as peak will normally build up to a heavy lift for the day in that time.

So how is it structured? The classes are structured in exactly the same format as the CrossFit classes. Starting with a warm up/barbell prep, strength/technique piece, barbell WOD variation and finished with some form of accessory piece.

So what do you need to know if you’re going to be coming along… Firstly you need to know that this class is open to everyone and if Olympic lifting feels foreign to you then you need to look no further. Secondly, it’s important to know that if you require a thorough warmup prior to training or like to take your time warming up to the positions (overhead squat and front squat) you will be using, then it’s important to arrive 15-20 mins earlier in order to start your warmup. We go straight into a barbell based warmup that requires decent mobility, so this warm up process is important. Lastly it’s also worth knowing that we alternate between clean and jerk and snatch on a weekly basis. This means that you will know which lift we are doing each week, although I don’t promote cherry picking, it will allow you to prioritise your training day if need be.

By now hopefully you have a clearer understanding of what we do and also have full confidence in the fact that, regardless of where you are at in your CrossFit journey, that at Oly class we can cater for your needs, get you more familiar with the movement and also progress your lifts further.

Don’t forget to book yourself yourself into either Monday at 7pm or Saturday at 8am (both classes have the same program) and if you have any questions, ask myself or your coach and let’s lift some weight!

Coach Mario

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