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Here we go. Another coach chirping on about competing and testing yourself. Give it a rest mate. I haven’t got double-unders yet!!

Close to the truth?

Ok, so this may be a shameless plug for the John Mehigan cup but it’s also the perfect chance for me to talk a bit about competing.

Having competed my entire life, I want to apologise upfront and say the view presented in this blog is potentially a little biased.

Competing, not just in CrossFit, represents a novel stimulus to the body and mind…every time. Every single time. No two competitions are the same which is what makes them special, uncomfortable, and a hugely good idea. Anyones who’s listened to the coaches first day speech, or done some research into training will know that a new stimulus is a very good thing. Full stop. End of story. Present yourself with something new…something new will happen. Your body is changed. You hit new PBs. Your opinion on something is altered. Your view of someone shifts. Ultimately it’s exciting and energising.

Competing is a sure-fire way to sharpen and focus the mind, both during the comp and through the weeks/months leading up to it. It’s provides the training period prior to it with renewed motivation and direction. Additionally, it’s THE best arena to test yourself in, both physically and mentally. On the physical side you’re guaranteed to find an extra 5% when the adrenaline kicks in and you begin to feed off the environment. Mentally, as mentioned, when we step into a place of unknown, and we’re presented with new challenges and asked to step outside our safe space, that’s when we shit begins to happen. We set and define new limits and discover new sides to our character that we hadn’t brought out until now. Ultimately we walk away with a buzz. Our chests out and a couple of inches taller. You can’t buy that. You can’t get it from doing the same thing day in day out. You can’t get it from never over-reaching or feeling uncomfortable. It’s earned. And competing is a guaranteed way to earn it.

Last year the trip to Dublin was one of my Crossfit highlights. I hadn’t competed much before that and it provided me with a perfect environment for a newish competitor. A hugely friendly place with plenty of familiar faces, quality programming for Rx and scaled and plenty of like-minded people when it came to their competitive approach. It was a ‘go hard, enjoy yourself and look forward to the social afterwards’ attitude. The range of athlete is huge from some very high quality competitors to complete novices and I can say with confidence that everyone took something away with them. This year it’s set to be even bigger. Last year we took 2 teams out to compete. This year we currently we have 5 confirmed teams and 2 more awaiting confirmation. Testament to the growing community at Perpetua, but also to you guys gaining confidence and wanting to step over the white line and test yourselves.

Well, its either that or prospect of the social afterwards in Dublin. That’s almost worth coming for on it’s own. You even get a chance to take a dip in the warm, picturesque, aqua-marine Irish Sea! (its blue-ish and f*cking freezing)

If you’re still unsure, or want to get involved but need help putting a team together, grab your coach this week and speak up or shout out to the FB group Perpetua Nation.

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