John Mehigan Cup Workouts

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Here they are….

WOD #1

For time:

1500m row buy-in (Broken into 600 m, 500 m, 400 m, with each person rowing one leg)


2 rounds as a team, broken up however you want of:

60 kb swings 32/24kg (24/16)

30 burpee to double plate

15 TTB (Knee past 90)

Time cap 15 mins

WOD #2

Team Sprint Ladder (Scaled weights TBA)

For time:

20 Cleans 30kg/20kg

20 Snatch 30kg

15 Cleans 45kg/35kg

15 Snatch 45kg

10 Cleans 60kg/50kg

10 Snatch 60kg

5 Clean 80kg/60kg

5 Snatch 80kg

*Partition the work among your three athletes as you wish

4 Barbells per team

WOD #3

For time: As a team, complete:

80 Assault Bike calories followed by 60 pistols (60 goblet squats 24/16kg)

Then, each person must complete on his/her own, one at a time:

20 Reverse Front Rack Lunges followed by 20 Shoulder to Overhead 55/30kg (40/22kg)

Time cap 13 mins.

Final will be announced on the day.

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