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The 6 week L.I.F.T program has just finished in the city centre. It has been a great experience for me to teach this class and to work with a group of people who were really enthusiastic and motivated to better their movement.

The ethos for this class is simple ” perfect practice makes perfect ” , there is no Rx weight , you won’t be hitting PB’s unless the technique is sound , no scores and no times to beat. Crossfit has come under criticism for people attempting workouts with a weight far heavy then they can manage, finishing a WOD for their “best time” with sloppy technique that soon leads to pain and injury. L.I.F.T class will emphasize quality movement and is certain to make you a better Crossfit athlete.

I selected Mark Kelly to write a Blog about his experience of L.I.F.T, – Andy Smyth

One of the many aspects of Crossfit that I need to improve is my weight lifting technique. So when I heard that there was going to be a special six week dedicated LIFT class to improving this I knew it would be of great benefit to me and I was not disappointed.

LIFT stands for “Low Intensity Functional Training” and focuses on using perfect technique in all of the exercises performed. Now I knew before going into the class the importance of good technique but knowing this and acting appropriately (ie lifting weights were you can keep your form perfect) instead of just lifting as much as you can are two different things.

Within the class I learned many minor adjustments and a couple of major ones too, to my technique in various different exercises from dead-lifts to push-ups and even KBS. Turns out doing things with perfect form is a lot more difficult though at the same time you can also feel the difference when you perform an exercise correctly. It hurts less and the lift feels more natural and easier when you get it right. This hammered home to me the increased danger of getting an injury from using poor technique.

During LIFT I learned the importance of staying tight and how this is transferable among various different exercises. I learned proper push-up technique and that I really need to start practicing more push ups at home. I learned that I was doing my squats incorrectly by loading up my quads and putting my weight on my toes instead of the correct way of putting my hips back and using my hamstrings and heels. Many of the exercises in LIFT class focused on our core power center. This increased strength in this area is of course beneficial to many various exercises that are performed in the regular Crossfit class.

As you would expect the coaching was excellent and due to the smaller size of the class Andy was able to spend more time helping each individual improve. Though I am pretty sure I may not of being the most gifted student Andy will have worked with but I am sure I certainly challenged him as a coach.

Of course my technique is still not perfect and I will continue to learn and improve. I do feel though in the past six weeks I have learned a lot and I will be implementing these lessons for sure in my future Crossfit classes.

L.I.F.T – Interested in L.I.F.T please email me on andrewpsmyth@gmail.com
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