Land and Wave – Perpetua on Tour – 2015

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On the weekend of the 16th and 17th of May, 13 CrossFit Perpetua members and 2 coaches headed down to the coast for a weekend of fun activities. We arrived in groups at various times, to a town called Swanage, with a campsite set up and ready for action. After weeks of talk and preparation, we had finally made it.

The first evening was a chance to settle in. We made a fire, discussed various things, had a few drinks and ultimately, toasted marshmallows on sticks. After a long day of work for most, we headed off to bed in excitement of what was to come.


The first day of activities had arrived, combined with Chrissy’s birthday it was sure to be a good one. We were all up early and headed off to breakfast in preparation for the long day ahead.


The first activity of the day was Coasteering (in short, jumping of rocks into the ocean), for many of us, this was a first and definitely something that required some heart. The highlight of the activity was a combination of jumping off a 10m rock edge as well as a coastal cave entry.


Post Coasteering we headed down to the local beach for some lunch and the second activity of the day, Paddle Boarding. The day could not have been more perfect for this as we suited up and headed out on the boards.


After a long day we headed back to camp, sun burnt but ready for a game of Rugby and a drink or two. Having run through the rules we had a fine game of rugby in full swing.


The evening had arrived as we got ready for a dinner and some surprise cake for Chrissy’s Birthday



Day two began with a full English breakfast before we headed out to try our hand at Archery and Axe throwing. In traditional CrossFit fashion we competed in everything we did, with everyone having an amazing time.


Tired but happy we headed back to camp to pack up and finish what was an amazing weekend. I have reached out to the Perpetua members to give their input and share some insight to what the highlight of the weekend was for them. So here they are:

Coach Tom – Land and Wave was AWESOME! Absolutely the sort of thing I live for, doing outdoor activities that I haven’t done before with a group of great people! It was my first trip away with the Perpetua gang and they really made me welcome and part of the team! Best weekend away in a while!

Tim Power – I could rave all day and night about how great it was to go coasteering (seriously though, jumping off cliffs was a blast), paddle boarding, and axe throwing, but the best part of the land and wave weekend was the group of people with whom I got to enjoy such an awesome weekend. I was able to learn a lot more about my 6am crew (shoutout to 6am!), but I also got to know some members of the gym that I normally wouldn’t see around. We had a very diverse group (Americans, English, South Africans, Kiwis, etc.), and I think that only made the weekend that much more fun. How else would an American bloke like me learn enough about touch rugby to get me onto the pitch at the Twickers of Swanage?! All in all it was a legendary weekend, and I’m blessed to have shared it with such amazing people.

Chrissy Birtwistle – This was one of those weekends that you always talk about doing, but never seem to get round to organising. But we did, and it was so worth it. Doing something completely different, testing yourself in totally new ways and bonding with friends. Completely invaluable experience. #perpetuaontour #perpetuanation #crossfitvalues #constantlyvaried

Sam Stockwell – Whilst I soon realised that “glamping” with a substandard sleeping bag isn’t much fun, rest assured that applying your fitness, or lack thereof, outside of the gym is great. Coasteering and paddle boarding are two activities you are unlikely to try on the Thames. You may even get to fulfil a lifelong, if not slightly disturbing, dream of throwing two axes at once and posting a cool video on Instagram. Instant followers. Punctuated by some dodgy bars and good company, I couldn’t recommend the weekend enough.

Christina Duffy -The highlight for me had to be sharing a tent with Mark, Gilesy, Rob and Mario. Between Mark’s nightly lavender oil essence application and Mario’s immaculate dress sense, I was put to shame as the token female. There was also some mild regret from the troops on Friday night for following Rob’s sleeping bag tactics; something about science and radiation and wearing less. Needless to say the hoodies were definitely cracked out on Saturday night – which was fortunate as it was a bit breezier. Top weekend.

Alejandro Montoya – I was introduced into the idea of Land & Wave through a coach on day two of my PT training sessions. I was new to Crossfit, new to Crossfit Perpetua, and new to London in general (I didn’t even know where the hell Dorset was)… but I said yes within a few seconds as I figured it would be a good way to meet everyone. Weekend finally came around and I knew I was in for a memorable time when within the first hour of our train ride: I was harassed by someone who will not be named to find the “cards against humanity” in my bag that I don’t know how I managed to close in the first place, had a lady throw a bottle cap at our group and probably try to kill a few of us with her gaze, saw various members of our group do press ups in the aisle of the train and ate some of the poshest desserts I’ve ever seen. 9am comes around on day one and the bus comes to pick us up for the first event of the weekend, coasteering. Anyone that knows me knows that I HATE the cold. Jumping off a cliff into the water – freaking awesome. Jumping off a cliff into 10-12 degree water…now you make me rethink this whole shenanigan. When I finally got my ass in the water (for the record…it was still f-ing freezing), I mostly forgot about the cold and had a blast. I would gladly do it again…but I might take my own wetsuit this time. Paddle boarding, archery and axe throwing was more of the same – pure awesome sauce. Looking back though the events in themselves, while great, would have been nothing without the group that was there. Being the newbie in the group I can’t speak enough about how at home I felt within a tight knit group of friends. Can’t wait to future trips away with the PPTA family.
Rob Honeywood– I’ve got patches of sunburn and the remnants of significant wetsuit chafage in the crotchal region, but our weekend in Swanage was so awesome that I am wearing them as badges of honour.  From jumping off a nine metre cliff into the freezing sea to tossing an axe at a tree stump, we totally RXed everything we tried our hand at.  It was a great bunch of people to spend a weekend with.  In particular, I am noticing some very confident dancers among our Perpetua community..

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