Leave your ego at the door – chasing perfection by Dave McCrea

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We all learn in fundamentals there is a process to learn before we work at high intensity.


Learning the correct techniques for each movement and striving for perfection.


Being able to execute these techniques each day you enter the gym and with as little coaching cues as possible.


Only when good mechanics are learnt and kept consistent should we then ramp up the intensity we all seem to crave.

So I propose the question. Would you consider an ugly looking 1 Rep max squat with a falling chest, a round lower back and not hitting the full depth a true 1 Rep max? I wouldn’t and I don’t see any reason you should. Technique must come first. Functional movements performed with correct technique not only put our body in a safer position to avoid injuries but also enhance our ability to lift heavier.

For some, its time to leave the ego behind when we enter the gym. Time to strip back the weights and work on stricter technique. It must be recognised that technique is one of the keys to success as a Crossfitter. At my level 1 a few weeks ago I had the privilege to be thought the squat by Jami Tikkanen (Annie Thorisdottir’s coach, X2 Crossfit Games Champion). He told me Annie works on her air squat once a week, every week. She is chasing perfection on her squat because there is always room for improvement but perfect technique will transfer to so many key movements we use in Crossfit.

Personally, I have taken the time to really practice my technique and I’ve seen some great results. I feel I’m moving better, safer and more consistent. I have seen strength gains in my squat & deadlift with power gains in my Olympic lifts, and finally I’m less stiff the next day after high intensity lifts as I am moving more safely and recruiting more muscle mass to take the load on each rep. I’d encourage you all to chase perfection with your technique. Take advantage of the open gym times on Tuesday & Thursdays to practice your technique with just your bodyweight or a light load and the PR bell well never stop ringing in Crossfit Dublin!

Dave McCrea

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