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Days like these make me so proud to see that we have such a selfless crowd of people at Perpetua.

A few weeks back, two of our members approached Perpetua Nation with a request to train with another group of people in mind. That group of people suffer with autism. Autism is not always obvious to those around the person, or potentially to the person themselves and can often lead to uncomfortable situations and a never-ending inner fight to overcome social anxiety.

The Perpetua coaches saw this as a great opportunity to turn the activity we all love doing on a daily basis into an opportunity to raise awareness and money for those in need. With the help of our Perpetua social committee and a few kind individuals, the day ran smoothly.

The workout was a team variation of “Luke”.

10 min Amrap

8 Power Cleans
48 Double Unders
20 Pull ups

Rest 5 minutes

10 Min Amrap

8 Thrusters
48 Burpees
400m Team Run

All together the gym raised £364 across 3 hours of working out. It should be noted that every bit of this was donated out of the kindness of peoples’ hearts.

The superhero theme is always a popular one and we had some extremely warm costumes to workout in! Erin Blevins donated her marvellous baking to the folks of 9am/10am/11am and let me tell you, those cupcakes were vaporised in minutes.

So, the purpose of this post is more of a long winded thank you to everyone who took part and a sign that if you do suffer with autism, be it openly or in the shadows, Perpetua stands along side you.

Watch our video of the event here.

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