LIFT-“Low intensity functional training.”

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LIFT-“Low intensity functional training.”

Athletes should take the time to restore the range and correct pattern of basic movements. Anyone can slap weight on a barbell. It takes skill and dedication to move with virtuosity. Setting this foundation will raise your ceiling in the long run…increasing athletic potential, decreasing the risk of injury and ensuring a more fruitful and productive athletic life. Here are some basic concepts of movement that will be implemented in the L.I.F.T class.
Core Strength – The ability to support and maintain a neutral position of the spine as you move about the hips, knees, shoulders and elbows. This position evenly loads the vertebral discs of the spine,reducing shear and creating a safe and effective transmission of forces.

Tap Into Your Power Center – Athletes need to access the biggest, most powerful muscle groups in the body the glutes, hamstrings and spinal erectors on the back side of the body. This area from the mid back to the mid thigh is your “Power Center”, where massive force can be produced. You can recruit into this musculature by initiating movement with the hips, balancing weight in the heels, turning over the pelvis to stretch the hamstrings and maintaining a strong lumbar curve of the lower back.

Move in Proximal to Distal Patterns – High levels of power are generated from the center out. This happens in a wave of contractions from the high force low velocity muscles of the core to the low force high velocity muscles of the extremities. You want to let the force of your hips carry over to your arms by not violating this chain of movement. Error can be seen in movements such as prematurely bending the arms in the Olympic lifts.

Restore Full Range of Motion – Athletes should be moving through their anatomical full range of motion. Partial range of motion results in partial strength and partial flexibility. To ensure good muscular balance and enhance muscular recruitment require full range exercises.So that means hitting full depth in squats so your body will get the maximum benefits,

The ethos for this class is simple ” perfect practice makes perfect ” , there is no Rx weight , you won’t be hitting PB’s unless the technique is sound , no scores and no times to beat. Crossfit has come under criticism for people attempting workouts with a weight far heavy then they can manage, finishing a WOD for their “best time” with sloppy technique that soon leads to pain and injury. L.I.F.T class will emphasize quality movement and is certain to make you a better Crossfit athlete, and don’t worry you will get a great workout, learn a lot and have fun doing it ,  Remember full range movements require a lot more effort that half assed partial exercises. 

N.B This class requires your full commitment , to the principals of L.I.F.T  and participation. This class is at no extra charge, it is aimed for benefiting you and your crossfit experience.

You MUST attend two classes a week for a 6 week period,

Spaces are also limited.

Class times Tuesday & Thursday 6.30,Location Lime street,

I look forward to see you all in class,

Andy Smyth 

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