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My latest blog has been inspired by the current phase of programming that we are following as Perpetua athletes. The focus is Snatch those of you who are unaware of what exactly we are focusing on in the next couple of months. Rather than sticking to the specifics of the Snatch, this basic principal applies to all forms of lifting.

As a fellow athlete and someone who trains as regularly as you all do, the desire to lift heavier weights is one that never fades. This is something that will never fade although the approach of how we do this is very important. All of this advice is only matter of opinion but I hope that it will change the way you all approach your lifting. It starts off with assessing what are the exact components of a great lift. A combination of two things is required and those two things are Strength and Movement.


For many of us strength is something we all wish we had more of and for some reason people understand that in order to get strong you need to follow some sort of weightlifting cycle and your numbers will go up if done correctly. These can often be hard and require loads of commitment. Strength is the easier of the two because it does not require the same amount of attention as movement, but it is important that we understand that this is only because that strength is developed best in the more simple (when compared to the Oly lifts) movements like Squats, Deadlifts etc.


This is the possibly the hardest thing to train in all forms of lifting. This provides a completely different challenge to that of strength training but is equally, if not more important than strength. It is debatable which is tougher but is purely dependent on the person in question. The reason we suffer with technique work is completely different to the reason we suffer with strength work and this is all down to the mental aspect as well as various other reasons. Technique work requires a lot of patience and moving weights that seem far to light. This is often very boring and majority of the time requires a massive amount of commitment.


So now that we have assessed the ingredients to great/strong lifts, we now need to assess what it all means for the end result. This means a huge deal for what we are trying to achieve in lifting huge loads because each element is dependent upon the other. How you do work this is pretty simple but really important. We need to understand that strength work needs to be trained completely different to technique work. The one is a really heavy load and the other is trained with minimal load and the exact reason for this is to enable you to have complete control of movement to make the necessary adjustments. This for me is the most important factor and the exact reason for this blog. So often I see athletes trying to increase there lifts by trying to lift heavier weights, all this does (more often than not) is pull you out of position and ingrains bad habits. Both elements must be treated separately and be trusted that when put together, will complement each other and lead to lifting gains.


So what does this mean for you and I? This means one thing, as an athlete it’s important to decide where you stand with your lifts. Do you lack strength or do you lack movement? Perhaps Both? Treat each element individually and you will watch your lifts go up. Keep the movement process at a place where you have full control and when you train strength, lift heavy and push yourself! Strength alone will only get you so far, spend the time on your movement and watch the numbers increase!!!

Coach Mario

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