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Listening is an active process by which we make sense of, assess, and respond to what we hear.

We all know ‘Listening’ is important in every walk of life but how often do we actually make sure we are fully listening in a certain situation and make sure we don’t have any other distractions?

Listening is very important while in class! The simple instructions from the coach can make the smallest of changes to your technique or movement and provide the biggest rewards!

The ‘Listening’ Process in class

Receive the instruction from the coach

Understand the movements and technique

Remember the pointers to make progression

Respond by improving technique to make Gainz!

Are you one of these people?

There are many distractions for anyone in the gym but there are certain times I believe listening is a very vital part for everyone’s progression!

You arrive late for class?
You are chatting in the back of the group during the huddle?
You are on a foam roller during the huddle?
You are already thinking about grabbing a barbell and getting a rack?
During the barbell warm up, your head is somewhere else?
And even your checking out someone walking by? (Who’s that?! 😉 Yes it happens)
…And there are many more!

All these examples can lead to a person not listening to the instruction given by a coach!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not giving out if people ask me the same question a few times in class or need to be reminded of something, that’s what we are here for. This is more about listening to the instruction given so you can make GAINZ!! Try to avoid the above.

Important times to ‘Listen’


Such an important time of the class. Examples of what should you be listening to:

  • The type of class – Competition Day/Mental Training/Training Day
  • Goal for the strength part of the class
  • What tempo should you be using for the strength movement
  • Scaling options
  • The WOD – How hard should you go and break up reps?

Coach Barbell Warm Up

Especially for any olympic lifts, you have to listen to the instruction given regarding the following:

  • Body position
  • Feet position
  • Arms (Should they be straight or bent)
  • Where is the power coming from?
  • Pause positions

If you are a beginner in class, this warm up is the opportunity for you to get better on your lifts and make the change from Base to Peak! Great time to perfect technique!

Coach Feedback

This will happen during the strength or WOD! Again so important to listen to the pointers here – It will fix your technique and also prevent injuries!

Examples of feedback given:

  • How can you improve your technique?
  • Do you need to improve mobility?
  • What do I need to progress to the peak movements?
  • Do I need to drop the weight or increase?
  • How you can improve your body position?

If you have read this far, then I’ve made some progress and can’t wait to see a full class in front of me listening to me as if I’m the most interesting person in the world or Rich Froning!



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