Live Unbroken – The Playlist

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1620928_248919668612804_83084220_nSometimes, there are days when you struggle to get out of bed to make it to the 6 am class. Or days when the emails didn’t stop coming in at work, the meetings were neverending and you question how you”ll be able to lift anything over your head or run any distance other than the distance from your front door to your bed. On days like these, what is the final thing you need to get you ready to give 100%?

The perfect track.

A while ago, we asked you to recommend your favourite songs. The tracks that help you squat heavy, run fast, do press ups and pull ups like you were as light as a feather, and push through right to the end of that long, beastly WOD. You delivered with quality suggestions ranging from Busta Rhymes and Skrillex to Tina Turner and Guns ‘n Roses. Someone even suggested Crazy Town. That left me speechless.

We have been playing these songs in class over the past weeks and now want to share this playlist with you. Click the link below to check it out, enjoy, and post in comments if there are any tracks you would like to add!

Live Unbroken – The Playlist



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