The London Calling: John Mehigan Cup by Coach Conlan

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On Friday the 14th of November 2014 a Perpetua Dublin Team consisting of both males and females made the crusade over the pond. We were to face our sister gym Perpetua London in a bragging rights Team Competition. It was the away fixture of the annual Competition. Perpetua Dublin were confident leading into this clash of ages. The competition commenced on Saturday at noon. Everyone arrived around 11:30am. Walking into Perpetua London gave the Dublin Team a sense of home in the big city. It was like taking in a breath of fresh air and chalk. The programming, culture, and atmosphere was like walking into Perpetua Dublin.

There was an RX and a scaled division for the team competition. Each team consisted of 2 males and one female. Perpetua Dublin had 5 teams. London had considerably more teams. But that wasn’t going to intimidate the reigning champions of Perpetua Dublin.

Before the briefing of the WODs, Michael Price gave everybody a heartfelt few words about why we are competing. For those who didn’t know John Mehigan, he was a close friend to both gyms. He sadly passed away this year after a long battle with a brain tumor. Michael then went on to explain why we named the trophy after him.

john meegan

“John was a modern day warrior. Life handed him the short straw and his response was to meet it head on with humor, grit and acceptance. His courage will never be forgotten, it was something I was lucky enough to witness. He knew exactly who he was and I loved him for it. That’s why we honour him with this home and away throw-down between Cross Fit Perpetua Dublin and CrossFit Perpetua London”.

Michael organised the teams into three separate heats consisting of scaled and RX teams. The teams got ready to face a barbell blitz of clean and jerk, thrusters and snatches in WOD 1. Each member had to complete 30 reps of one barbell movement. This WOD illustrated tremendous feats of strength. John McCall made a heroic effort snatching a lifetime PB of 60KG. His previous best was 53KG. What’s more impressive is that he only went and bloody snatched it four times!


WOD 2 consisted of lifting heavy iron overhead and technical skills that needed accuracy. First each member of the team found their 2 rep max overhead squat. The majority of Perpetua Dublin members hit personal bests. Massive shout out to Caroline Ta and Irina Igosina who set lifetime PRs. Also congratulations to James Geraghty who made a 15KG PR and to Ed Cawley who hit a massive 120kg. Part B of WOD 2 consisted of four rounds for time of 21-15-9 kettle bell swings, pistols/wall balls and Muscle ups/pull ups. This workout required constant communication from each team member because only one athlete worked at a time. Brian Gurhy completed his first 3 Muscle ups in a row and Dave Price left his shoulder on the rings but battled on to finish the competition.


Picking up heavy objects was on the agenda for WOD 3. The teams would move through a clean and deadlift ladder. Each male on a team performed a hang clean. The woman performed two deadlifts at the same weight. Every minute the teams would move up the ladder of ascending weight. Until a team member failed a rep. Jess Long deadlifted a massive 115kg for 2 reps. While Eoghan McGregor and Rob Flanagan made easy work of the cleans. This asserted their teams dominance on the rest of the pack. Both Conor Hillick and Anthony Fritsch nearly swept the whole floor with their cleans.


The scene was set for the final WOD. Dublin had the Cup in sight. The final WOD was a sprint with a horrible couplet of rowing and burpees. There was no hiding. Everyone gave 110% for their team mates. Kaie Rosborough was rowing so fast the chain nearly snapped. In the end a consistent and strong performance from Eoghan, Rob and Jess brought the Cup back to Perpetua Dublin. Then the celebrations began.


Michael and Dave have developed a brilliant event. It’s for a great cause. There’s talk of expanding the event and raising money for charity in the future. The programming, facilities and the London members in the competition were all top notch. The team element makes it fun and keeps you accountable to your team mates. You can never explain the feeling or benefits of competition until you have tried it. 90% of members from Perpetua that went over made a PR – enough said. I hope you have your teams ready for next year!

Catch us if you can London,

Coach Conlan



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