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There are four basic forms of human movement and without mastering these you will never be performing optimally.

1. Squatting
2. Pressing
3. Pulling
4. Pushing

If you can master these movements they will in-turn provide you with the upmost control over strength in movement, balance and power.  Now these are the fundamental basic (functional / natural) movements, but because that’s not very snappy, let’s call them “The Magic 4”.  They each come with main variations but you must first learn to walk before you can run and without the basics of “The Magic 4” – anything else you attempt will become floored. Its unavoidable and inevitable.

For example, attempting to perform a pistol (single leg squat) before mastering your squat will mean that the movement will neither be sound nor consistent, leading to failure in performance, or worst yet injury. On the flip side – once the squat has been mastered you can safely put time into strengthening and developing your pistol. Single leg work is a potent tool to boost your squat but can only be trained safely after the basic air squat is tight.

Through my years of performing as an athlete and coaching athletes I have learned that to be the best you can possibly be – you must start by changing the way you look at human performance. It is not about how fast and heavy you can do or move something, it is about how efficiently you can get the task done. For many of us it comes down to an attitudinal change to unlock our full potential.  This is fitness for the long haul – not just for the here and now.

This can be broken down into three easy to remember segments.

1. Movement ability
2. Consistency
3. Progression / Intensity

Once you have found consistency within your movement and are consistently able to perform , only then are you good to focus on increasing your weight and speed.

I promise you, if you stick to the plan then your risk of injury will be next to none.

This leads me nicely onto my gymnastics workshop coming later this year, where we will cover four movements that will enhance your athleticism. Hold tight for confirmed dates.

Performance through Movement…

Coach Daniel

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