Make 2017 a successful year in the gym

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For those of you who aren’t part of my tribe or perhaps happen to miss my recent tribe meet, I decided that I would write this blog on what was discussed during that meeting. My main goal of the meeting was to refocus my members after a break over Christmas and also share a few things that I felt would make 2017 a successful year in the gym. A lot of these thoughts are nothing new to all of us, but sometimes we just need reminding in order to stay on track.


My first point of call is always to ask why you’re at the gym in the first place. Understanding what you want from this is very individual and in order to be successful here you always need to be in touch with the reason you’re actually doing what you’re doing.


Have you set yourself any goals? This is an important step, as having a destination will always provide clarity on what the journey needs to be. These goals should realistic and also discussed with your coach. Telling someone else will provide a level of accountability for both of you and don’t forget, these goals MUST match the why, mentioned above.


Attendance: Once we have the established the top two, this should become your number one priority. This step is everything, as without being a regular attendee you will never achieve your goals.Planning and Tracking: Getting into a routine of understanding what you are going to be doing at the gym, before you actually get there is important for success. Remember that this process is very individual and knowing what you’re going to be doing everyday will allow you to ensure that you’re working at the right level for your ability. On top of this come tracking your progress, without workout data it will become impossible to plan and know what your capabilities are. Failing to log results will result in the inability to monitor your progress.

Without this we will never actually know if you’re getting closer to your goals – USE TRAINHEROIC.

Communication: As you all know at Perpetua we pride ourselves on the fact that as your coaches we are here to provide a service to you that no one else does. This can only be made possible via the right communication. Be sure to speak to your coach about what your thoughts are and how you’re currently feeling about your training. This journey isn’t easy but its our job to help you succeed and we can only do that if we know where you’re at mentally.


Get outdoors, go on adventures and regularly learn to play new sports. Appreciate all the hard work you spend on achieving health and fitness. Eat cake when the occasion calls for it and live a little.


-Coach Mario


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