“Master the basics” – How does your squat look?

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Performing the common uncommonly well (Glassman, 2005)”.

The squat is a vital, natural and functional component of your being. Only in the industrialised world comes the loss of functionality due to our lack of improper positions .

The squat is a hip extension exercise which is the foundation of all good human movement. Powerful controlled hip extension is vital for elite athleticism. Without powerful controlled hip extension you are not functioning anywhere near your full potential. A powerful movement done well transfers over to running, jumping, throwing and punching with impressive forces.

The squat is the base to all other movements without a strong base all other movements are sacrificed. The squat is the building block which must be executed with good form and technique. When has the squat been mastered? The squat has been masted when both technique and performance are superior, suggesting that none of the 23 points highlighted below are deficient and fast reps are possible.

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(Crossfit Journal, 2002)

Weak glutes and hamstrings are among the cause of bad squats. As well as poor core engagement, weak control, or lack of awareness of the glutes and hamstrings. The most common faults are surrendering of the lumbar curve at bottom, not breaking the parallel plane with thighs, slouching in the chest and shoulders, lifting heels and not fully extending the hip at the top. Don’t think about weighted squats until none of these faults belong to you.

Leave the ego at the door, sometimes you need to peel back some layers to reach your full potential. if you’re in a poor position with a loaded bar you’re opening a window for injury. Progression sometimes involves you going back to the basics (squatting to a box).

Listen to your coach and enjoy the process.


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