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I was first introduced to Crossfit in 2010. Maddog’s brother Niall had been talking about this new gym that his brother was training at and I was really impressed by what I heard. I was really into fitness at the time –  I was regularly doing kickboxing and going to the gym on a daily basis but I felt there was something missing and I wanted a new challenge. When I heard about Crossfit I knew straight away that this was what I’d been waiting for. The saying you hear from many people after trying Crossfit , ” I thought I was fit but I wasn’t Crossfit” definitely applied to me. My first workout was ” fight gone bad ” and I felt more beat up by this workout than any sparing session I had while kickboxing. The first few workouts really opened my eyes to the level of fitness crossfit demands and the importance of good technique when training.

I was extremely impressed by both Michael and Dave’s passion for crossfit. I couldn’t get enough of it from the beginning and everything was so new and interesting. I loved the mix of fitness and the sense of community at the box. It was amazing to find like minded people who had the same passion for health and fitness as I did. Crossfit isn’t easy by any means, but it’s the challenge that makes it so rewarding. What you learn about yourself in Crossfit can transfer into all aspects of your life. It makes you a better person, more determined not to give up when something gets tough and gives you the knowledge that others are there to help and motivate you.

In March 2011, as many young Irish do, I traveled to Australia where I lived for 18 months. My travels took my to a small farming town in Queensland called Bundaberg. I was living in a hostel with many backpackers and working on a farm. I couldn’t believe my luck when I found out that this small town had a Crossfit! I trained for 2 months at Crossfit Bundaberg and what struck me was the same sense of community spirt. By day I’d work harvesting watermelons and by night hit the box. I met some amazing people and also got people in the hostel to join crossfit. I enjoyed explaining to people what crossfit was and how it was different from regular gyms.

Since returning to Ireland and rejoining Crossfit Dublin, I have been training consistently and have seen huge improvements in my levels of strength and fitness.It was amazing to see the development in the gym while I had been away –  a new box in town and lots of new facilities at the box in Blackrock. It’s a testament to the great staff who continue working hard to make CFD the best box possible.

Im very grateful to have been given the opportunity to become a Crossfit apprentice. I’m honored to be working with such high level coaches and to learn from the best. I hope to develop my knowledge of crossfit and to help others to better themselves and reach their goals.

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