Meet Coach Baz, Our newest addition to the Perpetua Team.

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A Little about Me

So if you have heard me talk you might think I am Australian, my passport will tell you however, that I am British. Oddly I only spent two years living in Australia (and loved it) and had a childhood split between the UK and the Caribbean. If you haven’t guest I love the sun and anywhere HOT! While London doesn’t boast the best of climates, I am here for next few years studying my sports therapy degree while committing the rest of my time to this awesome community at Perpetua. If not studying or at the gym you will probably find me (if it is a sunny day) in the park restoring my vitamin d levels or sniffing out the best coffee in town. I love the outdoors and adventure; I am a keen Wakeboarder or anything on the water – or frozen water ie. Snowboarding! My favourite food is sweet potato and chocolate brownies and I have eaten bacon and eggs for breakfast everyday for the last four years (no joke my dad is convinced I am going to get bacon cancer!)

I’ve always been the adventurous type and have spent the last few years traveling working, studying and Crossfitting around the world from Coventry to Sydney to San Francisco and Bangkok. I found Crossfit in 2010 and it was one of the most valuable discoveries for travelling. Every box I went to was always welcoming and keen to get to know me and have me join their training. The wider Crossfit community has been hugely influential in my life choices over the last few years and the Crossfit Perpetua family is already making the same impact.

Crossfit got me hooked very quickly on body mechanics and mobility. From starting I soon become fascinated with how the body moves and also realising how badly most people move. It was through Crossfit that I realised that understanding the body and helping people use their bodies more effectively was what I want to do as my career and is why I am a coach and also studying to become a sports therapist.

My first month here has been amazing. I have really enjoyed getting to know you all and have been overwhelmed with how friendly and accepting you have all been. I think you all know you are on to a good thing here at Perpetua, but I want to just reiterate a few stand out points I have been really struck by in my first month here.

Firstly, the level of knowledge and expertise of the coaches (and subsequently the members) is exceptional. One of the key drawing cards for me was how much I could learn from the coaches, combined with the high expectations of the coaching staff. While I feel I have been on a steep learning curve, I have been impressed with the atmosphere of collaboration in the gym. Rather than ‘this is how to do it’ which can be common in some gym’s, there is a culture of learning which removes hierarchy and allows for everyone to be a part of forging a new understanding of fitness. This open mindedness paired with a truly approachable and welcoming family feel to the Perpetua community has created a fantastic forum to swap ideas, improve methods and attain goals together.

Crossfit Perpetua has developed a community and culture in a way that very few can claim, this is what excites me to come in to work every day. I look forward to the next few years at Perpetua where we can all grow and improve. I look forward to continuing getting to know you all, and please feel free to say hi and have chat if you see me floating around and I am always keen for a coffee!

Coach Baz


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