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I like and welcome Rusty to coaching team at CFSL. Super excited to have this dude on board as you should. Loves it ,lives it and is a total professional.I must warn you he cant shut up save his life but we have all met the Aussies so you will know whats coming.Great to have you on board brother.


Here is a few words from and his Rusty rise to CFSL

Rusty is from Australia, there it’s not called fitness it’s called life.  Sports and outdoor activities are standard and excelling at many of them Rusty choose to play and pursue Australian Rules Football (AFL) at a professional level for many years.
Coaching in the fitness industry since 2005 Rusty has travelled and worked with all kinds of athletes and teams across the world.  Coaching members of the Australian Federal Police and Women’s National Basketball League to snowboarders in Canada and surfers in Bali.  Rusty is also an internationally recognised CASI level 3 snowboard coach.
As an athlete and coach I have always considered myself to be quite fit but as is always the way, until I found Crossfit…
If you have experienced it you’ll know that Crossfit has a very effective way of highlighting your weaknesses and crushing you with them… Once I had been crushed by my first few WOD’s I realised it wasn’t just about the clock or the weight but the efficiency of movement that gained the best performance.  As a result I completed my Crossfit level 1 cert. I loved the challenge and wanted to continue to better my performances so most recently completed the Crossfit Gymnastics trainer certification and am completing the Movement and Mobility trainer certification.
Crossfit provides that camaraderie and competition found commonly in team sports but rarely in the gym. Here the last person to finish gets a bigger cheer than the first and together we are all challenged to take our fitness to the next level….

Rusty Clark

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