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My road to fitness has been a long one…. You name it and I’ve tried it! Been there, worn the t-shirt!!

I’m a pretty competitive person by nature and I was always looking for that hit. You all know what I’m talking about… Finishing a work out and feeling exhausted, out of breath but energised and buzzing at the same time. A form of training that actually works and gives you something back for all the work you put in. “To feel the burn”

I was introduced to Crossfit about two years ago. I watched a few classes and looked it up on you tube and knew from there that it was for me… I wanted in!!
I liked the whole community of CFD. After 18 months of training I decided I wanted even more out of it. I took up a part-time job in the evenings so I could spend more time in the gym during the day. Since this I have now signed up to the apprenticeship program to learn to become a coach.

My goals In the near future would be to keep learning more about CF in terms of mix modal training. I want to expand my knowledge in as many aspects as possible,
Strength and conditioning with the Westside barbell,
Functional movements with OPT and eventually the OPT program design.

I’ve finally found what works for me, I love the group atmosphere and the buzz you get during the WODS. Everyone driving you on to always move better for better results.

So next for me……Level 1.


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