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I’m Alexis, also known as Lexi, Lex or FBB. (You can ask the coaches what that last one means..) I think I have as many names as I have roles at the gym. I’ve only been at Perpetua since October 2014 and what an amazing journey it has been so far..

You probably first met me training alongside you in the classes. I then took up a job working behind the Fuel Bar and helped keep you all fuelled up and happy pre and post workout. I eventually took this on as my own and began managing it. I then joined the competitors team and help represent Team Perpetua in competition. Most recently I have been lucky enough to join the coaching team and coach 8 classes a week as well as Personal Training. It’s a busy life but one I absolutely love!

I have been passionate about sport and fitness for as long as I can remember, it has always been part of my life in some capacity. I took up Thai boxing around 10 years ago in London. I very quickly became hooked and as my competitive side surfaced I was keen to take things further. I trained hard and competed all over the world for around 7 years, in places such as Las Vegas, Thailand, Canada, Europe. My greatest achievement to date was winning 5 World titles. Before that I won 2 European titles, a British and an English title. I spent the best part of 2012 living in Thailand, training and competing full time. I have been working as a personal trainer for around 4 years.

I retired from fighting early 2014 which is when I found CrossFit. It changed the way I looked at fitness and I remember having a light bulb moment within the first week of training. ‘Why had I not discovered this sooner?!’ It changed the way I trained and the way I coached. I believe that without mastering basic functional movements you will never be able to perform optimally in almost anything you do. CrossFit gave me the opportunity to help get stronger and healthier and stay that way for longer. Now I have the chance to help others do the same. When I met the team at Perpetua I quickly realised that they shared the same passion as I do. I am constantly learning and we help push each other to achieve our goals together.

I feel blessed that I am able to do what I do and will always try my hardest to perform the best I can and in turn help others perform to the best of their ability. I thrive on being able to share my knowledge with like-minded people. Seeing them grow both mentally and physically whilst helping them achieve their dreams. I am a firm believer that if the mind is strong, then the physical possibilities are endless.

If I haven’t met you yet then please do come and say hi. If I am not training then I will be making shakes behind the bar, or coaching. It won’t be hard to find me 😉


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