Meet Perpetua Apprentice Alex Pina and hear his advice on the Christmas Season…

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I am Helder Alexandre Da Silva Pina, exactly… this is why most of you know me as Alex Pina, short and sweet. I’ve been an athlete here with Crossfit Perpetua for over a year and in September I was offered the opportunity to join the Coaching team as Ozzie’s apprentice.

Since my birthday is on the 24/12 I figured I would write this blog;

We are going away for Xmas, eating, drinking, Dance our arses off. Spend happy and joyful moments with our friends and family… But what about our fitness? Nutrition? Sleeping habits? Shall we forget about those important factors of our day to day life and throw all the year’s hard work away?

But Coach It’s family time!? True also, a very important aspect of our lives but should we compromise one to do the other? I am big believer of balance and that there is time for everything and although now its time to celebrate life and loved ones, it is also important not to forget our goals and keep our eye on the bigger picture. So we will eat, drink more than usual and most likely not to train as much, what about going for walks with our loved ones instead of just sitting at home and watching tv?! What about drinking as much water as alcohol?! What about mixing white carbs with good veggies?! What about at the start of our day we go for a run around the block 3-5 rounds and complete 3-5 rounds of 20 squats, 10 push ups, 30 sit ups and of course some stretching?

Fanatic, obsessive, crazy you say? Well… “Thats what the lazy would say”… I say!

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