Meet Perpetua's Newest Apprentice – Daniel Megson

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I’m Daniel.

I recently joined Perpetua as an athlete and now I have the pleasure of being Rusty’s apprentice.. You may have seen me already but if not I’m usually the guy in the corner with a note pad and pen, occasionally piping up with coaching tips and motivational grunts during your WODs.

I’m not just some random guy.

I’ve worked with CrossFit in London for over two years and I’ve always known about Perpetua. Not least (for its success as a relatively new box in London??), or for its excellent set up and equipment; but also for its highly professional coaching and Competitors Programme.

Whether you’re an athlete just starting out, or a CrossFit competitor at some level, what better environment than this to push beyond our limits and be the best we can be.

My love for sport began at an early age by competing in a number of disciplines including football, martial arts and gymnastics. I learned that hard work beats talent, and that nutrition is key to performing your best.

To continue my training later in life I discovered that CrossFit was just the challenge I needed to stay motivated and to maintain my overall level of fitness.

Keen to establish myself as a well respected strength and conditioning coach I qualified as an advanced personal trainer, followed by CrossFit Level 1 in Rekjevic, Iceland – Home to former “Fittest Woman On Earth” – Annie Thorisdottir.

A highlight for me last year was training with olympic weightlifter Greg Everett who is considered one of the best Oly coaches around.

Fitness is a relatively new science (and it’s constantly evolving) so ongoing education and personal practice is what makes a successful coach. With that in mind I try to read as much as possible and regularly attend courses in kettlebells, gymnastics, strength & conditioning and olympic weightlifting.

Perpetua is going places and I’m honoured to be part of the team.

Please say hello next time you’re at the box if I don’t get to you first ….


Coach Daniel

Interesting Fun Fact about me: I am an identical twin

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