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CFDC Member of the Month
Conor Waters

Hi Dave, I wanted to begin by expressing my sincere thanks to all the Coaching Team in Crossfit Dublin, you guys have literally enabled me to transform every aspect of my fitness and health, particularly in assisting my recovery from the accident last year. For those reading this note, I should explain that, in April last year, I was struck from behind by an out of control motorbike while walking on the footpath on my way to work. The training I had been doing to that point with Crossfit Dublin literally saved me from being killed outright and catastrophic injury (talk about training your body for the unknowable – I had squatted 187kgs for a 1rm the previous week before the accident, a performance level I hadn’t seen since University). This ensured my core absorbed the brunt of the impact. After being rushed to St Vincents from the accident, I “walked” out of the hospital the same day (on crutches, but with no spinal injuries, nerve damage or broken bones) – I attribute this to the training and hard work done in the Crossfit Dublin gyms in the preceding 12 or so months. Unfortunately, I had several soft tissue injuries & complications to deal with post accident, that set-me back quite a bit in my ability to train at any level of intensity. But with patience, persistence, the great encouragement of the Crossfit Dublin Community, the outstanding classes and direction from the Coaching Team (and even the dreaded scaling of workouts), I got to a point in November of last year where I was ready to start going rx once again. Then, with the brilliant Reform to Perform challenge orchestrated by Ian & Lynda, I’ve seen amazing results since January, some examples as follows:
– Bodyweight is now 105kgs, -15kg!
– Did Fran rx for the first time ever,
– Did 100 Pullups & Angie rx for the first time ever,
– 102kg Overhead Squat 1rm,
– Open Performance 13.3 (completed DUs in 09:57, only got the last DU done at 11:59 last year).
As we are coming up on the anniversary of the accident, I find myself reflecting. I’ve relearned how to move and, without exaggeration, rebuilt myself and with the continued support of the Crossfit Dublin Team, I’m going to strive to keep getting better, pushing my limits and the boundaries of what I once thought was possible for me.
Again, thanks, best wishes & continued success to all the Crossfit Dublin Team.
CFD Member of the Month
Niall McCaffferty

Winning a battle overhead

I started fundamentals classes 11 months ago. Prior to starting classes it had been over 15 years since I had done any serious aerobic exercise. I had had a history of bad posture since childhood and a sense that I wasn’t going to get any healthier unless I did something fairly dramatic. My old schoolmate David Moore gave me Michael’s number and I met Ian for my fundamentals classes soon after.
I was pretty terrible at most movements but really struggled with everything over my head. A push press with any weight added would force my lower vertebrae to feel like they were about to explode. Overhead squats with a dowel rod weren’t possible – I would just tumble forward as I squatted down.

Talking with Ian, I had two choices; keep doing what I was doing (at best, reach a plateau and hopefully avoid a serious back injury) or strip it right back to get my shoulders to move better and then moved forward. Custom goals for months became shoulder mobility. Every night was spent watching TV on a foam roller. I endured hours of agony of lying on a lacrosse ball. In the gym, specific stretches before every WOD, the odd visit to Albert and tips from Andy in relation to squats all helped the process.

10 months later my shoulder mobility has improved greatly. It hasn’t happened overnight and it is isn’t 100% yet but the lifts are getting bigger and better.

These are Strict Press figures at three points over the last 7 months

18th July 2012 – 1RM 40KG Back exploding posture

15th August 2012 – 1RM 20KG Safe Posture

22nd January 2013 – 3 RM 42.5KG Good Posture

Overhead squat figures over the same period:

May 2012 – Overhead Squat not possible

September 2012 – 15kg in a WOD

February 2013 – 25KG in a WOD

I am really glad I listened to Ian all those months ago when he suggested start from scratch and learn to move properly. I now get a big kick out PBs when they come along and it feels great knowing I can lift more safely. I am still a considerable distance from Rx’ing Fran but RX’d ‘Fight Gone Bad’ a few weeks ago with substantially increased weights for Walls Balls, SDHPs and shoulder to overhead. Most importantly I feel like I have a solid platform towards bigger weights with better posture.

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