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Hey guys,

My first thought when I got that mail was they are giving me this in the hope that I might stop bitching and moaning !!
Ha No seriously thanks very much I appreciate it and I while I have this soap box of free speech I would like to acknowledge the CFD team and everything you have done for me and all of us at CFD.
Thanks for letting me access the gym outside of class times when I have been unable to attend classes I really appreciate that.
You should be proud of what you have achieved so far, there is a great bunch of people working out in both locations which makes attending so much more enjoyable.
I’ve made some great friends along the way and established some great rivalries too !

I’ve tried to answer the questions as best I can below while at same time putting in some waffle about my own personal situation.
I think that’s what you wanted right ?

How did you get involved in CrossFit?
I knew Michael was setting up a gym of some sort and I was competing in triathlons at the time. I figured it would not hurt to try out something new to see if it could complement the training I was doing.
I was doing a little work in the gym then but like most people I hadn’t a rashers what I was really at.

First WOD
First wod.. I’m not really not sure, I have the memory of a goldfish ! It was something like a couplet of 200m ball runs & push ups, whatever it was it was very simple but painful and that’s what caught my attention.

When did you start coming to CrossFit Dublin?
I joined up straight away was it 3.5 years ago ? Apart from a break of about 7 months when I hurt my back I’ve been a member from the beginning up in Sandyford.

When did you realise CrossFit was right for you?
I suppose I realised straight away that it was something I would enjoy. I get a kick out of those endorphins that are released when you are on the limit. Closest thing to heroine they say …
I have a pretty stressful job and start very early in the morning so the mid-day classes are a great way to break up the day and really helps to keep me sane !

What are your short term and long term goals of CrossFit?
One of the first things that caught my attention online when I goggled crossfit was a YouTube clip of a
Girl doing 15 bodyweight OHS. At the time I found a simple OHS with the bar very challenging so that goal has always been in back of
my mind. Recently I put that goal up on board and currently my best attempt is 7 reps so I’ll keep banging away at that one until I get it.
In reality I have multiple long and short term goals too many to bore you with, I think everyone does. That’s the beauty of the sport there is so much to work on all of the time.

I have had back problems at times over the last few years so I am always trying to strengthen that area and Work on core strength and mobility. From time to time I will completely avoid certain exercises and combinations of
movements and I want to get to a place where I avoid nothing and am not worrying about my back. That really is my number one goal.

I am a competitive motherfucker and enjoy that part of the sport. I prefer one or two day comps and will certainly target these over next few years. I’m not crazy about the
Open to be honest there’s too much scope to strategize etc. I prefer to be told what to do 20 mins before 321GO. I think that’s a better test.
I’m closer to 40 than 30 so if I’m still fit and strong when I hit 40 then I might have a crack at the Masters but the standard has gone ridiculous so we will see what happens with that.

I suppose another longer term goal would be to get my son involved. He is a bit young yet but I think the Crossfit Kids thing is brilliant and will be responsible for the next explosion in numbers participating in Crossfit.

What is your biggest accomplishment?
There’s no one accomplishment that jumps out at me. I enjoy those weeks where everything goes right and get great kick out of that. Lifting 100kg overhead for the first time was a good buzz. Recently I had a week where I set PRs 3 days in a row and that felt great. Then there are weeks where you miss lifts by 5-10 kilos and that brings u crashing down to earth. Usually it’s diet or pints that are the cause of this.
I’ve never gone Paleo as I’m a disaster on any sort of eating programme. But I’m actually starting today for the first time so if I can get through one week of that then that will be my greatest accomplishment !

What is your favourite WOD/Movement(s)?
Fav wod is 13.5 from this year’s open. That’s a genius physical and mental test. I’ll never fear normal fran again after that workout.
In general I like any WODs that have a relatively heavy barbell movement combined with a bodyweight movement.

Least Favourite?
Least favourite is Karen. It’s a ridiculous workout. Whoever came up with it should be shot.
I’ve only done it once and if I can help it won’t ever do it again. It’s hardly functional now is it !? I couldn’t walk for a week after the last time.
In general I hate Wall Balls !

What do you do for a profession outside of CrossFit?
I have been trading financial futures since I left college and currently I am Head of Trading at Geneva Trading

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