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CFD Member of the month

Marcus Geoghegan

We chose Marcus this Month as our member of the month in CFD Blackrock..To be honest the reasons were very simple.. Marcus is simply one of those members who takes every problem he has with crossfit, whether it be mobility or strength, and makes it a personal challenge to overcome.. Last month alone hitting 4 PB’s.. All of which didn’t come easy and took months and months of ticking the boxes on the custom goals board.. For all who think the custom goals board is maybe a bit of a’ joke ‘ how wrong you are..!! It’s simply a checklist to being able to fully ‘ crossfit ‘ and enjoy it for the sport it is.. Hopefully you start a trend Marcus..!! What’s your goal for May.? Remember training without a goal or aim is pointless, whether it’s to pull your body weight over the bar or go to the games..!!

How did you get involved in CrossFit?
By walking past the front door. I live very close to CFD Blackrock and noticed people working out in this new gym early in the morning on my way to the Dart. So one day I dropped in and met Michael Price, signed up for a fundamentals course and have been a member ever since. That shows the danger of opening those shutters.

First WOD?
The earliest WOD I remember doing was a gruesome abomination called “Murph”. Two years later I’m still recovering. I remember being halfway through the second run and being waved at and encouraged by others who had already finished, showered, and were driving away.

When did you start coming to CrossFit Dublin?
Just over two years ago.

When did you realise CrossFit was right for you?
I was dubious at first because I had never been interested in weights. I like outdoor adventure sports, especially orienteering, I’m a regular mountain biker and occasional mountaineer and kayaker. Most of my sports are based more on cardio fitness than strength. But after a few weeks in CFD I began to understand the value of training with heavy weights. At first I thought that the obsession with squatting correctly was very odd, but now I’m a convert and understand what core-strength really means. And short-duration high-intensity workouts really help with cardio fitness for endurance sports.
Another thing I like about Crossfit is that we actually talk to each other. I think I can genuinely say that in twenty years in another gym I never talked to anyone, but in the Blackrock early-morning crew we are always chatting, discussing technique and encouraging each other.

What are your short term and long term goals of CrossFit?
Short Term:
to learn how to do effing double-unders. Two years and still trying.
Oh, and to flip the tyre. Two years in CFD and I’ve never flipped the tyre.

Long term: I want to be able to overhead squat my bodyweight. My PR is 65kg and my bodyweight is 85kg. To close that gap I need to either get much stronger or lose 20kg on a Paleo diet. It’s a grim prospect either way.

What is your biggest accomplishment?
I managed two double-unders in a row once.

What is your favourite WOD/Movement(s)?
I prefer WODs that involve mobility and cardiovascular intensity (run, row, box jump etc.) to ones where I have to lift lumps of metal over my head over and over again. But one of CrossFit’s biggest attractions is the variety; every day it’s something different. I also enjoyed the Crossfit Open a couple of months ago – I had no intention of entering but was encouraged to by various CFD trainers and I have to say it showed me that I was capable of achieving a lot more than what I’m trying to do in a normal WOD; which is another way of saying that I should stop wimping out and do more RX workouts.

Least Favourite?
Handstand push-ups. They’re hard enough the right way up.

What do you do for a profession outside of CrossFit?
IT Consultant (which means I sit at a computer screen all day so I find the CrossFit focus on mobility and posture very beneficial).

Member of the month

Eoghan Hannigan
First I would like to say well done, and congratulations for being nominated for our member of the month. As we grow as a community/gym this title continues to get harder and harder to achieve. The things that we look for and the reasons we have chosen Eoghan this time around are the following. Eoghans attendance rate is 4-5 days a week, if you ever watch Eoghan train he isn’t flying though the workouts to be the first one done, he’s working his hardest at going through the workouts in good technical position, which in the end we should start to realize by now will pay off in the end. Eoghan also has recently gown though the frustrations of picking up an injury (shoulder) which again if you watch him in a work out he’s doing the right things, scaling down, but still working on his strict absolute strength and taking the appropriate time that is needed to recover an injury. Another reason is Eoghans attitude, he is very coachable and really listens and thrives to learn from any tip or cue his coaches give him.  Keep up the good work Eoghan, and continue being a model athlete for all of us to learn from.

“Chad, i wouldn’t be big on personal statement but have answered questions below as best I could.

My only statement is….  ‘thank you’ (I think) for this. I’m really enjoying being a part of crossfit dublin and keep on doing what you guys are doing right now.”

How did you get involved in CrossFit?

I was walking back from lunch one Friday about 14 months ago and I heard allot of banging, I looked in and saw a big group doing Olympic lifting. I just took the contact detail and rang up. Met Dave P for the intro sessions and decided to give it go.

First WOD?

‘Fight gone bad’ I believe is done at the end of fundamentals so it must have been that though don’t quite remember!

When did you start coming to CrossFit Dublin?

Feb 2012.

When did you realise CrossFit was right for you?

Straight away I think. I finished competitive sport officially in 2004 and mucked around for a 2 or 3 more years with other ‘retired’ rowers doing sporadic fits of training and racing!! I had done triathlons on and off for quite a few years and was bored of that and time drain was too big.

Crossfit was perfect as it was 1 hour so very time efficient. I also really liked the feel of the place and people immediately, no ego’s, no mirrors, no tv’s just a raw, honest place full of people keen to get stuck into whatever the daily challenge was.

What are your short term and long term goals of CrossFit?

  • Short Term:

Have reoccurring shoulder “issues” so just keeping working with Albert on shoulder mobility and strength and hopefully go pain free for more than 3 or 4 days.

I did the open this year so have plenty of custom goals from that – too many to list!

  • Long term:

Just to stay fit and healthy really and be able to keep up with the kids

What is your biggest accomplishment?

Outside of crossfit? My 2 kids

Within crossfit – no 1 thing really. I just like the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that comes after every session.

What is your favourite WOD/Movement(s)?

Power & Squat Cleans

Least Favourite?

Double unders

What do you do for a profession outside of CrossFit?

I’m a consultant at a company called Valentia Partners


Reform to Perform 13:2

Hey All,

It’s that time again..! Back due to popular demand its 13.2 REFORM TO PERFORM.. We have learned from our combined failures of the last challenge and have come up with a brand new concept for the challenge.. It will be a more progressive challenge to help free the sugar monster inside us all..!! The challenge will run for 90 days and will expose and explain why we continue to fail in our attempts to eat well…
There will be 2 meetings this Saturday to help accommodate all our members.. If you would like to take part in the challenge or are just curious to hear whats its all about, then come to CFD city at 11.30am or Blackrock at 12.30.. There will not be weekly meetings with most of the work being done on line.. There will be monthly guest speakers talking on foods role on curing disease.
This is a real opportunity to break free from your bad food habits forever and re build your immune system.. Don’t let it pass you by..
See you Saturday,
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