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Mobility has to be one of, if not, the most important element of Crossfit. Without a base level of mobility, you can’t do the simplest movements correctly. Position is power – The better your mobility the better your Position/Power. There is no denying it, you will be a much better athlete if you can address your position so make time for this in your training.

The reason why I am so passionate about mobility is that I believe that it has been the single biggest limiting factor in my and most of my athletes training and with a little help and a lot of persistence your numbers can be massively improved though some mobilisation techniques. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

I see clients with shoulder issues constantly mobilizing but to no avail. Issues can occur for more reasons than just not being mobile enough E.g. Are you maintaining good shoulder position though your pull-ups or overhead press, it doesn’t matter how much mobility you do – if you still don’t move correctly you’ll keep causing the issue. Mobilise to restore normal joint range then control movement to maintain joint function.

Remember YOUR ANKLE!Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 10.48.38
Can you place your toes 15-20cm from the wall keep your heel on the ground, knee over the foot and touch the knee to the wall? Many of us work hard to achieve a good squat but forget the ankles. It is very hard to keep your centre of mass over the middle of your feet if your ankles don’t allow you to move forward.  To compensate you will increase trunk angle or loss of midline stability. Either of these will lead to loss of strength and power due to poor efficiency.

Here is a clip on increasing ankle range:

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 10.50.20YOUR THORACIC SPINE.
The Thoracic Spine require extension and rotation to function optimally.  Your upper back is the most important area needing mobilisation for all overhead activities. You need to achieve good thoracic extension to actively position the shoulder blades for optimally shoulder movement and strength.  Thoracic extension and rotation muscles help create tension through the trunk increasing the midline stability.  Optimal thoracic extension and rotation will assist your performance with, jerks, handstand pushups, pushups, pull ups and overhead squats, so next to fixing that Squat of yours make the Thoracic Spine your next port of call.

Check out this clip on Thoracic Mobilisation:

So in conclusion make time for this in your training as it really will do wonders for your performance and general ability.

Resource wise there are hundreds of videos completely free to watch on and for those of you that really want that little bit extra look in to getting a membership with them. Also check out – another fantastic mobility site and possibly a little easier to implement than MWOD.

For any other specific queries about your own mobility, get in touch with your Coach here at Perpetua for some personalised tips on what you should be focusing on.

Don’t forget to try out our yoga for athletes class on Saturday mornings at 9am with Hannah for some extra mobility.

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