Motivation vs Inspiration

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I love this topic…

With Instagram, Facebook and Youtube, someone is always posting content that is aimed at motivating you to get off your butt and go put work in at the gym, the park or another area where you should be sweating and getting fitter.

The key word here is “Should.”

The word should is heard so often within the context of fitness and health.

I should be fitter.

I shouldn’t eat this.

I should really go to the gym.

That word is implying that someone or something is making you think that way. It’s a whole world apart from “I want”.

Motivation is not always a good thing. Allow me to explain why I believe this to be true.

Motivation is essentially an external reason as to why you are performing an action. We can see this from some of the below examples

1) Jane see’s Francesca getting stronger, fitter, leaner, healthier and happier (some of the many benefits of training). She decides that as a result of Francesca’s progress she too would like to get fit.

2) Bob makes a bet about who can lose the most body fat in 3 months. (This is not a healthy goal by the way, but that’s for another post). The winner claims £500.

Both these examples are extrinsic motivators and these people are only motivated by the chance of winning something. In Jane’s case, this is winning the chance to look as good as Francesca. In Bob’s case, it’s monetary.

So why can this be a problem?

People lose sight of the “why” in their training. And if you’re one of my clients you’ve probably heard me hammer this point home a whole lot.

If you have an internal reason why, you are not necessarily motivated by something extrinsic. This can also be classified as purpose, or inspiration. You are now doing it for yourself.

Inspiration within training is more important than motivation. It will allow you to keep a longer healthier lifestyle and give you a reason to continue your training. So my challenge to you, is to let those Instagram or youtube videos make you think about why you’re acting on training yourself rather than wanting to be like the person in the video.

Coach Mike

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