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Motivation – What is it?

Just what is motivation? For your work, is it the carrot and stick financial reward system. During Crossfit workouts, do you want to go faster and harder to beat the guy next to you or is it to make the regional finals that year or are you there to get stronger? In a relationship, is it the will to show commitment to someone?

Nowadays motivation seems a little disjointed. Why are we doing what we do? What is it for? In work and life, are we really happy with what we have achieved when we put our head to the pillow? These might seem like heavy questions and they might seem like airy fairy questions and you might be perfectly happy with your current situation. But one thing I have noticed during my time coaching myself and others is that we can get better at everything. We can get better at WOD times, we can get better at our work, we can get better at our relationships, we can get better at knowledge…… we can get better at everything.

Its safe to say that not one day is the same as the other. There is no Groundhog day. So then that tells us each time we wake up, we have a chance to re-motivate ourselves. We will have shit days and awesome days and mediocre days. But if we can tell ourselves ‘right, was that good/bad/ok,’ then we are a little closer to getting better at something.

In this TED talk by Dan Pink, he talks about what is driving companies and people to really get the best of out of someone and some organisation. But if you look at the below 3 points, you can really put it into context if you think about it when you walk into the gym each day:

Autonomy – The urge to direct our own lives

Mastery – The desire to get better and better at something that matters

Purpose – The yearning to do what we do in the service of something larger than ourselves

Have a look at the video and really think about applying each point to everything you do.

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