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Giving meaning to the phrase, ‘Nailed It!’

Most of us can agree we have started off in the wrong place for reaching our potential in our training. Whether this is not being active at all, putting ourselves in bad positions, training with poor methods, they all result in the same thing. Lowered athletic potential.

I’m going to use a nail being hammered in to a piece of wood to describe your potential training paths. A little different but stay with me.

In a perfect world, you would get the nail started with a few small taps and continue to drive the nail in to the wood without any obstruction. As the nail gets further in, it gets harder and harder to hammer in, but you can still make very small gains. Unfortunately this doesn’t occur with most, if any.

In a more realistic world, you get the nail started with a few small taps and continue to drive the nail in to the wood. You unfortunately, hit a knot. You have two options, pull the nail out while it is still in good shape, relocate and start again. Or what unfortunately happens more frequently is just hit the nail harder. For a small few you will break through the knot but there is always going to be a resistance. For most, the nail will give way and bend making any more progress impossible. You now have to remove the nail, straighten it then start again.

For even more of us, we start off with a bent nail already. You can very gently get started and tap it in to the wood. You are always going to have to be very cautious and progress is going to be very slow. Any miss-hit or aggressive swing is going to potentially bend the nail further and halt any progress in its tracks. Would you not have been better to spend time straightening the nail to begin with, so that you could hammer away like the above situation?

So how does this apply to you?

Your body is a nail. Unlike a builder, you only have one. They’re not a dime a dozen from the hardware store. They’re expensive to fix if you have injured it. You must treat your body accordingly. Figure out which situation you are. A good nail that has hit a knot, take a step back while you can. A bent nail making slow progress, take a step back, fix the problem with sensible training before a serious injury occurs.

Remember, “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein

Andy E

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