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As Perpetua looks to expand its boundaries and deliver a bigger experience we are proud to announce that we can offer you more for one membership. At Perpetua we specialise in CrossFit and personal training but we now have the ability to offer you a bigger and more complete fitness facility.  We are enhancing our timetable to give you more speciality classes and an even better experience:

·      Airdyne classes – Our new Airdyne classes will consist of 30 min pure unadulterated conditioning using highly effective assault bikes. This will be mixed with body weight gymnastics to give an exciting potent workout. It’s very time efficient and ideal for weight loss and a stronger heart.

·       Mobilise Me – We are tweaking Yoga to become more mobility focused and adding a mid week class.  Mobilise Me is a 30 minute programme mid-week we are trialling as members have asked for mid-week mobility to give them that dedicated time to recover and improve mobility issues. The programme will be lead by the lovely Hannah and it will be focused more on improving overall performance and resetting the body. We are not trying to create a zen environment but we do hope you can destress and focus on the good things in your life through breathing and centring of the mind while in stretch.

·       Gymnastics and Olympic Lifting Classes – Our dedicated Gymnastics and Olympic Lifting hours will give you that chance to practice and learn more about those specialist areas. Coach Mike (Gymnastics) and Mario along side Stuart (Olympic Lifting) will deliver the classes. They are looking forward to seeing what they can do to help Perpetua members make gains in theses two areas.
·       More Open Gym time on Saturdays afternoons 

Along with the timetable changes we have added two new coaches to the team and 3 apprentices. Plans have been submitted to the local council for shower facilities renovations also.  You will be able to book into these classes as usual via zenplanner.

We want to offer more value for one membership, we hope you make the most of it.

This new timetable will begin Monday 23rd November 2015.

Please contact your Coach if you have any queries or concerns about the new classes.

All the best,

Michael Price

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