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The coaches here at Perpetua Dublin are constantly meeting and discussing the development of our members. We are always looking to improve your experience, results and enjoyment each time you attend a class. Recently we introduced a Pre WOD warm up and more structured warm ups to help you develop skills.

Part of our involvement in the MadLab business group allows us to network with some of the best and longest serving CrossFit gyms in the world. MadLab gym CrossFit LA’s head coach, Kenny Kane, recently explained their mind set behind their programming and training.

A person or athlete needs to spend the bulk of their time training, not competing. Practising movements and aiming for virtuosity. There is also the need for competition and testing. In order to see if your training is working you test, train, retest. So recording your data is absolutely as important as the training itself! Mixed in with this is the need to develop mental toughness. This sits perfectly with how the Perpetua coach team thinks. So how are we going to introduce this?

Perpetua Dublin will now offer two different programmes side by side.

BASE: Designed for a variety of people, this programme will focus on general fitness, strength, health and movement. Building a strong foundation of bodyweight control supplemented with barbell work. This can be for a person who is new to lifting, a person who wants to train for optimal health and longevity to someone who is feeling beat up or just needs a change of pace for a while.

PEAK: Geared towards those who either want to compete in CrossFit style competitions or those who love to push themselves. This will build on the solid foundations from the BASE program while adding higher skilled bodyweight and barbell movements.

Each day will also be designed and described to either be a Training Day, Competition Day or a Mental Toughness Day. Our community style Saturday workouts will still remain.

Training Day: This is where the focus is on movement quality. Improvement in yourself be it ROM, weight on the bar, control in your movement, progression to a harder movement. Skill refinement, virtuosity. There will still be conditioning workouts on these days but not focused on time.

Competition Day: This is where we throw down. The focus is on putting your training in to practise. Push hard to go as close to RX as possible and compete against your fellow gym members. We are still focused on movement quality, but time is also important here. We will use traditional CrossFit benchmarks along with some of our own.

Mental Toughness Day: This is where we find out what kind of person you are. Are you going to stay at home and hide today? Are you going to curl up in the foetal position half way through and give up? Or are you going to power through and get it done? It’s up to you.

I have completed OPEX Level 1 Program design and will be combining what I learned from this with input from the other coaches to design the next cycle for the gym. The big focus will be on developing bodyweight movements which will also have great carry over to your barbell numbers. Your energy systems will get targeted with specific styles of workouts during the training phases and tested in the competition days. We will be starting this off with a testing week which will be Monday 6th July through to Friday 10th of July. It is not required that you turn up to every day, but every day you do train we ask that you record your data!! Without this the concept loses all value. We need data to be able to compare, to share and to help develop and grow. To find out what works, what’s enjoyable and keep up with the constant evolution of the gym.

It’s an exciting time for us and we hope you all get involved. The more data and feedback you give us, the easier it is for us to make changes to improve!

Coach Andy

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