Not doing the CrossFit Open?

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Not doing the Open?


How (and why) you can still be involved

As I am sure you are all aware, the Open is starting this week! While the focus up to know has been to motivate people to sign up, this blog is for all those who didn’t/ couldn’t/wouldn’t for what reason. I for one am out with a dodgy knee and shoulder, but I would hate to not be involved in what is one of my favourite events in the gym.

So here is a little guide to how and why we can still be involved:

Showing up:

Everyone is encouraged to come down on Friday and cheer, pick up a clip board and help judge, and generally get involved. If you want be helper on the night, just let one of the coaches know and you will no doubt get put to work. You might not be doing the workout, but you will feel the pain, motivation and energy.

If nothing else, the Open is one hell of a spectator sport!

Finding motivation:

Seeing what those in the gym are capable of is an amazing motivator. It is excited to watch our own little Games, seeing people having a go and pushing themselves to their limit, often beyond what they believed was possible and also to watch the bar be lifted (no pun intended!) of our elite athletes demonstrating the reward of hard work and dedication. For me, I love watching all the hours of coaching and programming paying off in my athletes.

Like major sporting event, be it the Rugby World Cup, the Olympics or the Crossfit Games, we all come away thinking ‘fuck I want to train!’ (Lee, M., 2017)


Lexi has some amazing things lined up on the fuel bar including a Pop Up Shop each week from a different business, and lots of yummy snacks and treats! Check out her Blog for all the details…

More than anything, the Open is about CrossFit communities coming together. So whether you are a newbie or a veteran (or want to watch Ren…) I promise you won’t be disappointed if you do chose to show up.

See ya Friday!

Coach Baz


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