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Hey Team,

Quick note about Base and Peak using Monday’s workout as an example. A lot of people ask about which they should do and why are those exercises selected. So I will give you a quick insight.

Base is not a scaled version of Peak. While a lot of times it looks this way, Base is a program designed to get you healthy, fit, strong and structurally balanced. This overall development (think 6 months to 3 years depending on the person) will put you in a place where transitioning to Peak is easy. So a lot of times it will not mimic Peak or appear to have equal movements.

However there are often similarities in the workouts that may go unnoticed or be overlooked. This workout may be a little more clear than some others, but let’s look at the components.
Base – Box Jump – Hip Extension + Landing. Weighted Sit up – Core Strength + Straight Arm Stability /Strength, Mobility
Peak – C&J – Hip Extension + Landing, Hip Extension + Straight Arm Stability/Strength. Toes To Bar – Core Strength, Grip Strength.
Properly performed there are a lot of similarities between the two workouts. If you continuously focus on jumping and landing with great mechanics, it will transfer over to the clean. The two aren’t too far removed from each other. They also both can target the same energy systems to continuously repeat the movement.
The weighted sit up is obviously working the core but also requires a lot of straight arm strength and endurance, and mobility to get in to the perfect finishing position. This is the first step in developing healthy shoulders that will then be more ready to start adding the challenge of speed and load that the Jerk demands.

I try to follow a hierarchy of development that a lot of coaches suggest. For pressing, straight arm before bending before straight arm with higher difficulty. So it would look something like this
Plank/FLR, Handstand, Dip Lockout
Push Up, Handstand Push Up, Ring Dip, Strict Press
Kipping variations, Push Press
Jerks (this is straight arm strength, with the added challenge of having to change shape and essentially catch and stabilise the weight overhead)

Hopefully this helps a little bit in understanding what is trying to be achieved. Workouts are generally similar, sometimes very obvious, sometimes more hidden. Others are different, but this comes down to the idea that Base is not a scaled version of Peak. It is not a day to day development in to Peak, it is a long term program that requires commitment to ensure correct overall development and preparation for the challenges and demands of the Peak Program.

It doesn’t matter if Peak is doing something and you’re not. What you are doing is still making you fitter, stronger, healthier. Don’t focus on today, it is accumulation of good training that will lead to progress.

Coach Andy

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