Optimizing Your Time in Open Gym

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Open gym is a great resource at Crossfit Perpetua Dublin and is one that can bring great value to your training. Any time during the week when classes are not taking place the gym is open for use as well as the slots over the weekend. These times have been gaining in popularity and rightly so.

If you do attend open gym or are thinking about making it part of your training regimen there are a couple of factors to take into consideration when deciding on how best to spend your time.

This blog will not tell you exactly what to do in Open gym because the answer is extremely individualized but there are some common principles that everyone should take into consideration before turning up to Open gym with no concrete plan.

Aligning your time spent in Open Gym with your training goals

This is key. Identify your goals, identify how open gym can be best used to bring you closer to achieving your goal and talk to your coach if you need specifics!

Over Training

Is the training you are doing in Open gym in line with the programme you follow by attending class? I see so many people hammering workouts in open gym. Is this necessary? Is it affecting your training during the rest of the week? Have you doubled up and overloaded certain body parts? Is it helping your recovery? Plenty of questions to ask but you can see where I am going with this. Its not always about lying on the ground after a workout to be getting fitter, sometimes this can be counterproductive and have a negative impact on recovery.

Structural Balance/Mobility

Would my time in Open gym be best spent on improving my movement and bulletproofing my body? The answer to this for everybody is yes. Sometimes this can be viewed as the boring stuff but improving this area will not only help keep injuries at bay but also likely bring our training to new heights.

Improving Skills

This can be a great time to give those double unders more attention, or spending time working on your snatch with an empty barbell. Spending that little bit of extra time on these areas will give you that extra edge in class and again enhance your training.

These are some points to think about and hopefully they can help you shape your training in Open gym.

If you need help with structuring a plan make sure to reach out to your coach or shoot me an email (greg@crossfitperpetua.com).

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