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Whilst doing my weekly trawl through the latest blogs, podcasts, articles, and videos on anything and everything related to health and fitness I stumbled across this great piece on overhead mobility. It was about the time overhead squats came up in the programming a couple of weeks ago and all the usual mobility suspects reared their ugly heads:

  • Thoracic tightness
  • Ankle immobility
  • Anterior chest/pec minor issues

And so on…

I thought this piece made a great ‘one-stop-shop’ for some of the best fixes and movements to turn your overhead squat from a frustrating energy sapping lift, to the core enhancing, whole body strengthening movement it should be.

I thoroughly encourage you all to take a look and put into practice these movements before and after sessions. Those 10-15 minutes pre and post class are so useful if used correctly, and the following article is a great place to start.

Before you go and read it, remember the following…

“…she has put in a lot of consistent effort over a long period of time to make the progress she has. Don’t expect to implement the information in this article and resolve your overhead problems in a few weeks.”

Mobility can, and usually is, a long-term project. Don’t expect miracles overnight, but if you keep your head down and string together a solid few months worth of consistent effort the results are guaranteed.


Coach Ozzie


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