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The coaches train, and the trainers coach….


I guess to start this blog I should give you a little background on me, but I’ll keep it brief. I came into this world with an inbuilt passion for health, sport and fitness. Whilst studying Sports Science at Loughborough and going on to do my Sport and Exercise Psychology MSc, I was travelling Europe playing international hockey. My life was dedicated to health and performance 24/7. I spent over 5 years being coached every single day, whether it was strength and conditioning in the gym, work with the teams sports psychologist in the lab or training on the pitch…and I loved it. One back injury later, and the sad realization that hockey wouldn’t make me a living and I set upon a career in personal training…the ‘front-line’ in the battle against pathology and sickness.

Cut to April 2013 (I said it would be brief) and I find myself walking into this ‘warehouse with weights’. Don’t get me wrong…I knew exactly what it was. Through hours of YouTube videos and internet research (you’ve all done it) I’d made myself very familiar with the CrossFit ‘box’ environment and I couldn’t wait to get involved. The vast learning aspect, alongside the team ethos and the competitive element meant the appeal was huge. It comes as no surprise then that I was hooked from the off, and as a trainer working in the industry I quickly came to a very simple yet very powerful realization.

This is how everyone should be training!

7 months later and after some exciting conversations with the CrossFit South London (CFSL) team I sit here writing this blog, starting out my journey to become a CrossFit coach. Over the next few months I’ll use this space to share my thoughts, observations and insights into the athlete-to-coach experience.

In CrossFit there’s no such thing as ‘just an athlete’ or ‘just a coach’. Anyone who’s been down to a session at CFSL will have seen the athletes coaching, and the coaches training. It’s a theme that runs through the very heart of the CrossFit world.

I’m looking forward to honing the coaching side of my CrossFit and bringing my passion for fitness, learning and performance into the box at CFSL.




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