Part 2 – Hey Desk Athlete, Don’t Let Sitting Affect Your Performance – by Conor Hillick

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Welcome to my follow up blog on sitting down! I hope you enjoyed my cringey video and understood my dodgey accent! Last week I covered sitting and how it can destroy your hips. It also does so much more than that. I talked about inactive glutes last week whilst sitting. Not only does that affect our performance by having weak glutes for power movements but it also means our core is switched off whilst sitting down. This is all connected, we sit with a rounded and weak back, rounded shoulders and our chins forward putting lots of strain on our neck.

It’s not all doom and gloom however! The good news is that you can fix it and stay on top of this to minimise the hindrance of sitting. I’ve kept it simple with a few exercises below and a link to a video on how to do them. Unfortunately you don’t get to see me this week but you get the man himself Kelly Starrett.

If you ever want help with any of this just come and ask myself or any of the coaches in CrossFit Dublin 🙂

Enjoy your mobility, stay on top of it and you WILL perform better.

Sitting Tips for Upper Body

  • Squeeze your glutes whilst sitting and it will automatically help to engage your core and give you a better posture (obviously don’t keep them squeezed but for a small 10 seconds now and then).
  • Every now and then think of how you are sitting. Set yourself back to the best position possible every chance you get.
  • STOP typing! Take those elbows off the desk. Retract your shoulder blades, bring your palms facing forwards and your thumbs outwards.
  • Stand up and stand up tall! Take a short walk around.

Scapular Mobility


On the video below there are a few very good exercises demonstrated with Kelly Starrett and a few athletes. Pick one or two these to do before and/or after class each day. Buy yourself a lacrosse ball and get into the tissues at home as well, you will see a quick improvement for overhead and front rack positions.

Loosen your Neck


Tuck that chin back! Check out Kelly’s video here with a good explanation on head/neck position followed by a 2 stretches from 2mins 20 to 4mins 50.


Don’t forget about your wrists and elbows that have been bent at that keyboard all day! Get yourself a wrist support mat for your keyboard to keep your wrists elevated above the keyboard and not below. Kelly Starrett demonstrates some good stretches for your wrists here from the 5minute mark


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