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I have been training in various Crossfit gyms around the country for the best part of 3 years now. I was attending classes usually 5 times a week for the first year. The sheer volume of the training mixed with my lacklustre approach to warming-up before working out and my failure to follow a cool-down and post-stretch routine eventually took its toll on my body.

My mobility started to diminish in my lower body and shoulders. As well as that I began to experience a lot of stiffness and pain in my lower back muscles especially when performing Kettlebell swings and doing heavy lifts in exercises such as Deadlifts, Squats, Olympic Lifts etc. At this point my strength gains completely plateaud and I could only train every second day due to aches, pains and general stiffness. The standard and quality of my training was beginning to decline so I decided to try Yoga in an attempt to fix the issues that had been holding me back from developing my strength and fitness. I felt confident that attending Yoga classes once or twice a week would remedy my physical ailments over time.

The turnaround was quite dramatic. Within a month the pain in my lower back had significantly decreased to the point where it was barely noticeable; my shoulder mobility had improved and the flexibility in my adductors, hamstrings and glutes had significantly increased. From that point on, my performance in Crossfit became much better. The development of my mobility and flexibility allowed me to improve my technique and therefore lift more weights when Weight lifting or Olympic lifting. Seeing as I was now able to lift weights without being in considerable discomfort I began setting a lot of personal records and exercises like power cleans, back squats, clean & jerk, front squats, and deadlifts were getting heavier on a much more regular basis.

My mobility is still far from perfect but these days I am continuously making progress in Crossfit. Thanks to the combined crosstraining effect of Yoga and Crossfit I am able to comfortably train in both disciplines 4 – 5 times a week each with no pain or discomfort. I would strongly recommend anybody who plays sport or undertakes a lot of intense physical activity to incorporate Yoga into their regime as it has a great therapeutic effect on the body and will help you to consistently perform to the best of your ability.

,Paul Taylor

NB: We are currently running yoga classes in Blackrock at 10am and 8pm on Thursdays evenings. We plan to add more sessions on different days and time if we see good take up on this. The city centre will also be starting the yoga class in the coming weeks, this will be done a the the new location on lime st so it wont affect the current time table. Please contact for info this at the Blackrock location

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