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Perpetua – New and improved

From this Week you will see 3 tabs on the Workout of the Day page. Here what’s its all about.

We recognize and appreciate the wide variety of fitness levels and goals of our members, and our primary goal at Perpetua is to deliver the best fitness coaching and educational experience possible for each of our members.  For a while now we have been playing with concepts to figure out how we can do an even better job of doing that.  I believe we have found an effective way to do that.

Our “Crossfit-Performance” program will be designed for those who want something a bit more rigorous and want to test the levels of their potential.  GPP(General physical preparedness) is the main focus seeing us continue to a work strength and training the different energy systems. You will always see a heavy Squat , Bend , Push , Pull and WODS that challenge all 10 physical skills .  It will include slightly more complex movements such as the Olympic lifts and higher intensity. Essentially, things will not change from our current program.

Our “Strength and Movement” program will be specifically designed for those individuals who want to prioritize strength gains and movement quality over intensity.  The workouts will be challenging for any level of athlete, but will be particularly beneficial for those who want to better learn the movements, become more proficient with their mechanics, and gain the foundational strength that will help them live lean and healthy.Movements for this class include Lifts like Deadlift , Squat ,Press and Bodyweight movements such as Pull Ups, Push Ups, Handstands, Handstand Push Ups, Muscle Ups. All movements will be taught STRICT  

Our “Competition-Pride” program will be designed for athletes who wish to compete in the sport of fitness (CrossFit Open, Battle of London, etc…).  This program will include movements and progressions that are complex and specific to our sport.  There will be some prerequisites and expectations for all following this program. Test outs for this group can happen once a month and if your interested contact your coach for further info. Athletes wishing to follow this program will be expected to have solid mechanics in all movements, good foundational strength, and lifestyle practices (nutrition, sleep, etc…) that will support their development as athletes. 

All programs will be posted like usual on a Sunday evening for you to plan your week of training . As usual don’t cherry pick your workouts. 

These programs have been carefully considered based on our observations and the feedback of our community.  It is my hope, and that of all of our coaches, that through these three programs we can better serve the needs and goals of ALL of our members.

We would love to hear your feedback.  Are you excited about this?  Which program intrigues you the most?  Do you have any questions or concerns?  

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