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As most of you may have been aware, in July we ran our first Perpetua Nutrition Challenge. Demand was high for this even with it being in the middle of the summer and we filled out all available spots. A couple of members had been involved in previous nutrition challenges which Kortney, one of the former coaches, had run but this was the first challenge in its new format.

This 30-day challenge began with a presentation to all involved, guiding the group through what to expect over the month. The primary focus of the month was to create some good habits, educate participants as to what a balanced meal looks like and how to fuel yourself in the best way possible for gym performance as well as day to day life. A by-product of these goals was then some very favourable body composition changes!! After the presentation, each participant had their body composition measures taken so that we can measure everyone’s progress over the challenge.

Each week a new goal and challenge was set for all participants. This meant that everyone was held accountable over the month with the sole purpose of helping everyone achieve their desired results. Being accountable often leads to greater success as you have the feeling that you are working for somebody and you want to show them how much progress you have made!

What were the challenges? These involved keeping a food diary for a week, drinking a target amount of water, dialling in on sleep, a 10-minute daily mobility challenge, goal setting etc. All challenges are set with the aim of creating good habits and ones which are repeatable. Small changes, repeated over a sustained period will breed results.

So, I guess you are all wondering what sort of results were achieved? Well Suzanne Ryan, one of the early morning members knocked it out of the park and won the nutrition challenge, topping the charts in all areas of the measures, losing over 4kgs (5kg loss in bodyfat and 1kg increase in lean muscle mass) and 5% bodyfat as well as being one of the most active participants within the group. So, if you see her in the gym wearing a brand-new pair of Nike Metcons (the winning prize) then pop over and congratulate her!!

Suzanne was only one of the people to see amazing progress in a short period. Of the 27 that were remeasured at the end of July, the average results were phenomenal. Just over 2% reduction in bodyfat per person, approx. 1.7kg weight decrease per person, 2.25 inches lost as well as many participants gaining lean mass in addition to losing bodyfat. In total, there was 55.9% cumulative bodyfat reduction, 45kg weight lost and nearly 61 inches lost. All of this in the middle of June when summer parties and nights out are in full swing. This is a true indication of balance and consistency being two of the most important components of a healthy lifestyle.

Along with the obvious results seen above in the numbers, many participants were keen to point out that regardless of the numerical results, they learned some invaluable knowledge about how to form a balanced plate of food, what good nutrition can do for your general health and probably more surprisingly that a good healthy diet can be tasty and manageable!

As this is a service being provided to all members of the gym it is only reasonable to include some of the comments from your fellow members and participants. David Howe, one of the regular Perpetua evening members, who achieved excellent results through his consistency for the month said that “If I was by myself or not part of a group I would have fallen off the wagon a long time ago. I enjoyed the challenge not only because it gave me a better idea of nutrition, but it held me accountable and this made me stay on track.”

Camilla, one of our resident Scandinavian members said “I really enjoyed the nutrition challenge. I learned a lot about nutrition as well as the factors impacting the way you can optimise your training. It was super easy to follow as all the guidelines are handed to you at the beginning of the challenge.”

It would be unfair not to include a few words from the champion too…. “Deciding to do the Challenge is definitely one of my better decisions and I would recommend it – regardless of your goals. You learn about your body, how food affects you and fuelling for training.”

On a personal level, this was my first time running the nutrition challenge in Perpetua, so to say I am incredibly proud of the results is an understatement. It was a pleasure to work with so many members and I am looking forward to running the next challenge very soon. We have some big plans for you all so keep an eye out!!


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