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It’s Open Season!

It’s that time of year again. Time to get nervous before starting a workout; to test yourself; to push yourself harder. It’s time for the CrossFit Open 2015.

This year brings a good few changes from HQ to the CrossFit Open and Regionals. HQ has announced that this year there will be an RX and Scaled divisions for the Open. There will be new ‘Super Regionals’ and only the top 20 athletes will qualify. This makes competing in the Open more friendly to more people, but makes qualifying for Regionals much, much harder.

We have made some adjustments too. 2015 will introduce ‘Friday Night Lights’; an event running each Friday evening from 5:30pm. The goal is to get as many members of the gym to attend, whether you are participating or not, to create an amazing atmosphere. The bigger the crowd, the bigger the effort, the bigger the PB’s list will be.

The Perpetua Open also makes it’s debut. This is an in-house competition and you register with us via Zen Planner. There will be prizes for participants and everyone who registers before the 20th of February will get a ‘Team Perpetua Athlete’ t-shirt. All money from registration will be going to t-shirts and prizes!

What does this mean for you?
If you’re a beginner, they’ve really opened it up for you to participate by adding the scaled division. The weights and movements will be suited to allow you to compete. If you’re intermediate, you can compete in either division, RX will challenge your skill and strength levels more, scaled will most likely test your engine more. For the advanced athlete, there is only one option. RX and go as hard as you can.

What should I do to get ready?
With the new Scaled and RX divisions, I don’t think they will follow their usual ‘Start with easy movements, get progressively harder’ model. However, they may keep the same style of workouts. What we have seen regularly
1. A Ladder with escalating weights + a bodyweight movement.
2. A Ladder with escalating reps within a time frame
3. Long AMRAP (that only elite can complete a round)
4. High Skill AMRAP (That only the elite can complete a round)
5. Single movement max reps

Cycling through repetitions is important. For as long as possible you want to be able to go unbroken on movements, or have planned sets. The longer you can do this for, the better you will do. So it needs to become a focus in class. Here are a few tips.

Training for the Open
1. Lower your weights a little bit in workouts and focus on going unbroken.
2. Focus on your breathing. Practise going unbroken but not being out of breath when you finish the reps.
3. Pacing. You need to know your pace. During a workout, start off intentionally slow and build your pace per round. You’ll soon start to learn the difference between 80% effort and 100%. Another choice here is keeping all round times the same.
4. Try to learn the difference between breathing fast and breathing heavy. Some movements require fast breathing, but don’t confuse this with heavy breathing and being out of breath.
5. Stop taking a break to get a drink, chalk your hands for the 10th time, adjust the weights (unless completely necessary). These are ways for you to convince yourself you’re not resting or taking a break. You won’t die or perform any better if you take that sip of water. The excess chalk will probably make you rip your hands. Adjusting your weights is just taking a break for the sake of it.

It’s a great few weeks and even better if you’re involved. The only expectation is you turn up, do your best and support your fellow Perpetua members.

You can register for the Perpetua Open here:

You can register for the CrossFit Open here:

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