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At the weekend I ran a running workshop for Perpetua members at Irishtown track (a few minutes drive from the gym). I had a great group of 10 people ranging, with a range of running ability but all with a want to improve their running.

It’s funny when running comes up in our workouts, we can all kind of run in some shape or form but about 80% of us dread when it comes up and a few look to the rower for a way out (with a few of those people having a legit reason). At Crossfit Perpetua Dublin, we place a huge importance on the performance of good technique and performing that technique consistently. It is easy to see why we must have good technique for deadlifts, squats and other lifts, but shouldn’t it be the same for running? During a year, somewhere in the region of 60-70% of runners sustain injuries. There are many different reasons, overuse, poor technique and lack of strength, all of which are usually linked together.

We don’t run very often and thankfully we do quite a bit of strength training which will help with injury prevention but quite a few do lack good running mechanics. We’re not exactly going to turn any of us into Olympic runners, in the same way we are not Olympic weightlifters but improving our technique can only have benefits.


Improved running technique

More efficient running -> improved performance during workout, not wasting energy due to poor technique and also faster times.

Decreased risk of injury

Decreased risk of injury -> greater ability to train and live a healthier lifestyle.

When taking part in exercise and sport, injuries are common and sometimes unavoidable. However, we want to move as best as possible and decrease our risk for injury. Running is a skill that we should all acquire if we have the opportunity to. Improve your running and begin to hate running a little less than you do right now. Just ask Andy Ewington, he enjoyed his 400s a little more than usual 😛

We will be running one again so keep an eye out.

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